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I don't know how, when or why... But Broxton is a fan of the blues brothers...  Some parts of the movie are not very age appropriate, but that is neither here nor there...  I am trying to tell you about something great!  So, Broxton loves the Blues Brothers and I wanted to get him a Blues Brothers shirt... I looked here, there and everywhere... but could not find one in kid sizes (must be trying to tell me somthing)  Well, I did find an awesome shirt at Tribut Apparel and was lucky enough to get to review it!  It is not offered in kids sizes, but lets be honest, I am not sending him to school in a shirt talking about "half a pack of cigarettes" so that was never the plan.. I wanted him to have it as a sleep shirt.  I ordered an adult small and it looks like it will be a perfect sleep shirt for him!  I know he is going to be so excited when he gets to open this shirt!   

If you love the blues, you might want to hurry over to their site... 
They have LOTS of great shirts to try, but until 12/2/14, you can purchase the Keep Calm shirt (pictured below) for only $19.99 (Regularly $29.99)

From Classic Rock to the Blues, Tribut Apparel is pretty sure to have a shirt to make the music lover in you smile as they unwrap a classic this year!   


  1. Those are some pretty fun shirts--I might have to get one for myself.


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