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Welcome the Roaming Reindeer!
These are 2 cute little stuffed toys that were sent to our house to help Santa and the elves deal with Christmas...   With the Roaming Reindeer Kit, you get a hard cover book and 2 adorable plush reindeer.  They even have shirts on them that say 1 and 2. (Don't want you mixing them up!)  

In Roaming Reindeer, we learn that Santa and the elves are so busy that they need a bit of help to see how the kids are doing... The next thing you know, the reindeer are paired up in groups of 2 to go to all the houses of the world.  If your little one is on their best behavior, they both stay... but if one starts to act up, Reindeer 1 will sneak away to let Santa know that there is a problem.  The great thing is that Reindeer 2 stays to see if there is improvement. Reindeer 1 will return if things get better!  

The thing that makes these Reindeer so special?  Kids can touch them!  Yes!  They can go on adventures with you!  (They even say to photograph them going on adventures and then hashtag #RoamingReindeer to let other see where they are and what they are doing... 
I think this is super cute and I love that the reindeer can be played with!  Broxton was so excited to know that he could touch them and play without anything happening to their magic.  
As I type this, they are both sitting on his bed, waiting for him to come home from school!  

We have welcomed Reindeer 1 and 2 into our home with open arms.  Looks like we have a new tradition to add to our life!  I would not trade it for anything... This is what childhood is all about!  
Do you have any family traditions for the holidays?


  1. Those are really cute and would make a great Christmas present!

  2. That's a fun idea to take them on adventures. My niece did that once w/a bear...we sent it to friends in Scotland, and they took it all around and took pictures w/it and sent it back for her school project. :)


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