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I will tell you now, I am a country girl at heart.  When we get in the car, Marc wants classic rock, Broxton wants "kids music" and I want country... Luckily for us, it somewhat rotates and we all get to listen to what makes us happy at some point in the ride.  The more I listen to Marc's music, I start to learn some of the groups, but honestly, I could not tell you who sings what or anything like that... 
All I know is I was looking to get a Blues Brothers shirt for Broxton (He loves them and can sing most of the songs from the movie.  At one point, we thought of having Marc and Broxton dress as them for Halloween one year!) and I found a million different super cool shirts!  If I bought gifts for every single person I know, I could have a blast at this site.  It is Tribut Apparel and it has shirts for all!  
Working in a sports bar, I had my share of people listening to songs and hearing all about the musicians they love....  

For example... KISS  - A friend of mine LOVES KISS... Even had his son dress as one for Halloween one year.  Marc likes KISS too, I even played a KISS slot machine hoping it would bring me luck once (it didn't) Side note - Marc was stopped at a light once --- who was beside him?  Gene Simmons!  Yep. True Story!   

As soon as I saw the Bob Marley  shirt, I thought of my brother.. He has always been a fan of him... even went to Jamaica for his honeymoon.  This shirt is a classic.  I love the black and white image... but then the colors in the name.   

These shirts would be great for any music fan...
Tell me, did you see a musician you like on their site?    


  1. I can think of a few people on my Christmas list who would like this.

  2. Brings back lots of great memories! There was nothing quite like the music from my childhood!


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