Cookies, Hot Chocolate and Jingle All the Way 2 #JingleInsiders

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Our house has been hit with the sickies!  It started off that Broxton had a runny nose.  No big deal... Then, I got sick...  I got over mine, but then Broxton came home sick again.  (After a trip to the doctor, because I could have sworn it was the flu, we learned he just has a nasty cough and needs rest, fluids, snuggles, and over the counter medicine.)  
This past weekend, we were sent a goodie box full of excitement to totally get us in the Christmas mood and although we weren't feeling great health wise, we totally had huge smiles on our faces as we opened our wonderful treat box!   
If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that we treated our neighbors to gift bags with Jingle All the Way 2 treats!   Wonder what was in there?
Cute Jingle All the Way 2 hot chocolate mugs, adorable mustache straws (Broxton thinks those are the coolest things ever!), cookie cutters, hot chocolate, Santa hats and fun activity sheets!  I have added a couple of the sheets for your enjoyment...  I know I used to LOVE Madlibs as a kid, so you can do one of those, as well as write a letter to Santa!   

As for the movie, of course, we might not have been festive and up for a party, but we sure enough watched the movie!  I think Larry the Cable Guy is hilarious anyways, so I thought this was a cute movie.  In Jingle All the Way 2, we have Larry as a daddy and he feels he is in competition with his daughters new step-father to see who can be the best daddy.  Operation "Who's your daddy" happens and we see that both dads will not stop at whatever it takes to make sure the little girl, Noel, has the best Christmas ever!   We were laughing through out the whole movie!
This would be a great movie to make a movie night as we get closer to Christmas!
Make some cookies, drink some hot chocolate and enjoy  a fun night in, making memories!   


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