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Every now and then we spot a new show on TV and stop to check it out.  That was what recently happened when we spotted Henry Hugglemonster on Disney Junior.  Broxton and I though it was a cute and entertaining show, with adorable little monsters.  He is a bit too old for this show now, but it was still cute to watch and learn about a new character.  I thought it was great to introduce a cute and friendly monster to get kids to realize that monsters are nothing to be afraid of.  These two cute books both come with stickers, so you know that is an added bonus for any kids!  
I would totally get the Welcome to Roarsville first though.  It gives a tour of the town and has several words to help identify the things in the book.  Think site words type- like it will say stand, mirror, flashlight and things like that (it also tells a story about his little town too!)  Henry Loves Beckett is a story about Henry and his friends throwing a party for his pet's birthday!  Both are cute and are sure to make any Henry Hugglemonster fan happy.  

Henry and his big sister, Summer, team up to throw their monsterdog, Beckett, the most roarsome birthday party ever! But something strange is happening: all of the pets’ noisy toys are disappearing. When Henry investigates the mystery, he finds a fuzzlebird who wants peace and quiet for her newborn baby. Luckily, Hugglemonsters always do the right thing, and Henry finds a solution to make his furred, feathered, and monster friends happy, and still have the best pet party ever!

Roarrrr! Welcome to the world of Henry Hugglemonster! Henry is a friendly monster who lives with his loving family in Roarsville. Play Huggleball on the field, hike to the top of Mt. Roarsmore, and meet all of Henry’s enormous, glowing, spiky, and furry monster friends in this exciting, adventure-filled storybook with stickers!


  1. I tried to get my son to watch this yesterday...he said he's too old now. -_- Thank goodness I have a grandbaby, ha! :)


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