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If you are looking for a one of a kind experience, you need to check to see if there is a Medieval Times near you. We have been to them a few times and it is always a night to remember!  As I was trying to come up with a few "outside the box" gift idea's this year, it hit me!  Medieval Times would be AWESOME!  Not only do you get dinner... but you get a show to remember!  
I contacted Medieval Times to see if we might be able to work together (they said yes!) and now I get to share our latest trip with you!   For us, we went to the Atlanta, Georgia location.  It is located at one of our malls and when you pull up, you know you have made it!  They have the outside near their location resemble a giant castle!
We went inside to get our tickets (that is also where you get your "color" to know which knight you will be cheering for that evening.)  While waiting, the music started and then next thing you knew, their staff was out - front and center - of their location. Broxton snuck into the line for a quick photo before they all headed back inside!  
Once you get your crown (that shows your color for the night) you have a photo opportunity at the entrance. They put the photos on display and you are more than welcome to purchase one, but it is not required and they don't pressure you into doing so. (I LOVE that.)  They have a few places inside that are great area's if you want to take your own photo and of course I could not pass up a chance to actually get a photo of Broxton and I!  Yes, I was there!  There is proof!!!!!   

 While waiting for the show to start, you have time to see the different exhibits they have.  They also have an area for you to purchase souvenirs if you are in the mood for that.    
You can pay for additional packages, if you choose to do so and of course we had to have Broxton "knighted" while we were there.  He loved it and his face was worth a million dollars!   The reason for his knighting?  Doing good in school!   
Once we got inside, we were ready for the show!  Side note, you need to remember that they do not have silverware... It is all "eat with your fingers" food and that was fine by us.  The food was delicious and we actually want to try and make the potato they serve!    
 As the show starts, they have a few different acts that take place.  Broxton was mesmerized the whole time and I was thrilled that I was able to catch his expression of joy!  
 We were in the blue section, meaning we got to yell and scream for the blue knight and all that he did.  The knights are all against each other (as well as East versus West) and it is a battle to the end.  From riding horses and fighting to actually fighting on the ground, it was exciting from the start to the end!  
 At one point, Broxton was a bit concerned over their safety so I was happy to tell him it was okay and that he could actually see all of the knights after the show to know that they were all fine.  He was happy with that and made it a point to get his picture taken with each individual knight, as well as the bad guy and even the King and the Princess!   
We were lucky that our knight was such a nice kid.  He was very friendly and was eager to chat with Broxton and make him feel special, not ignore him just because he was a kid !  We had a great time and that was all Broxton was able to talk about!  (He even had to tell his whole baseball team that he had been knighted the night before!)
If you are looking to make a great memory, why not treat the family to a night at Medieval Times?  They have several locations and from what I have heard, they do great giveaways on their facebook site!
Make sure to check them out!  


  1. We're visiting an area soon that has one, and I'd love to go! It looks like an amazing way to spend some time. :)

  2. You TOTALLY captured his joy in that expression! I love Medieval Times and the food is really, really good. Eating with fingers is FUN!

  3. That looks like so much fun! I want to go. I wish we had something like that here.


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