I'm Back!!!!

Hey everyone!!!
Hope you have had a great holiday and are back in the swing of things now.

Sorry that I have been missing and I really hope you are still with me.
Life has been hectic lately and I am finally back and ready to go.
Let's see...
Lots of personal things have been going on, but the main thing I want to share with you is asking for you to keep my family in your thoughts and prayers...
You see, long story short, my granddaddy was placed in the hospital right before Christmas.
He spent Christmas in the hospital, with my Mema by his side.
For us, that meant going for a visit before Christmas to see him in the hospital and lucky for us, we were able to visit him after Christmas where he was back home.  For those not aware, he has Alzheimer's / dementia and that is just one of the issues he is facing.  The great news?  When I went to see him after Christmas, HE KNEW WHO I WAS!!!!   Talk about an amazing feeling!  I feel like it has been years and years since he knew me, but I am 1 million percent sure he knew me when I went to visit him.  It was the best feeling.  He still has several medical issues and it is honestly just a time of waiting now.  I know it is hard to say, but it is something we have all had to face and deal with in our own way.

On to a good note...
We had the boys here and my parents and brother were able to come up for Christmas day with us.
I know that I have been dealing with many personal issues and I do apologize for not being around lately... but this year is going to be a great one. I know it!!!

A few things I do want to try... 

I would like to try and do "Friday's Feast"
I would love it if you could link up with me.

I admit, I am not a cook... I don't really know how to and I am really trying to learn.  I have been saving different recipes and started trying out a few myself.  On Fridays, I plan to post a recipe. I would really like for you to join me and post a recipe too!  For those of you that have recipes already on your blog, feel free to post a link to an oldie but goody if you want.... 


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather :( My great grandma got to be like that and didn't know who most of the family was. It really is tough. Glad you're back though and looking forward to the new year!

  2. I know how it feels. My Granddad, who passed away December 2010, also had Alzheimer's. Fortunately, he always remembered his family, but it is such a hard disease. I will be praying for you!

  3. I'm so glad you are looking forward to another year of adventure. I'm especially happy that for your Christmas gift, your granddaddy came out of his clouds to really remember you. I know it's the most precious thing.
    I hope you get all the time possible with him.

    And I like the Friday feast idea. I hope I remember.

    Keeping you in prayers.

  4. Hurrah that your grandfather knew you. I bet it did feel rocking awesome. I saw Colette's button on her sidebar asking for prayers for you and came over to see if there was something you'd posted about. You know I'm praying for you and your family. I do sometimes anyway, just because (and Colette and her fam. too). :) Broxton looks so so so grown up in that picture!!!

  5. Alzheimer's is so hard! There's not much I can say to make it better. It's not easy to go through.

    My Grandma died of it.

    Anyway if you need to vent you know my email.


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