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Disney Junior always seems to have so many cute shows going on.  We don't watch that much at home, but when we go to visit my family, that is normally a channel we end up having on the TV. I think that is how we first learned about our first book, Sheriff Callie's Wild West.  This show follows a cute little cat named Callie and in the book we were sent, I was able to learn how she became SHERIFF Callie! 
In The Cat who Tamed The West, we meet Callie and her horse, Sparky.  They are out for an afternoon ride and after some time, they worked up quite a thirst and ended up in a town called Mean and Messy Corners!  As Callie is in the town trying to get something to drink, she encounters several bandits that are there to cause trouble and put fear in the townspeople. Read this book to see how Callie handles the situation and is eventually asked to be their Sheriff!
This is a hard covered book, geared for ages 3-5. 
With the pink spine, I thought Broxton would be a "NO- GO" on wanting to read this, but as soon as he saw it was "Sheriff Callie!"  he was excited to sit and listen as we read a book together! 
I have never heard of the characters in the next book we were sent.  Ewe and Aye is the name is working together to do things is the game.  It seems that Ewe liked wings and Aye likes wings.  Well, their different contraptions never seem to work... but then, Ewe and Aye decided to try and work together... They say 2 is better than 1 and that proves to be the case this time around!
This is another hard covered book, also for the 3-5 age range. 
I thought it was cute, but I would say more of the younger kids would be interested in this one. Broxton sat there for me to read it, but there was really no interaction or discussion about it, so I don't think it is one he will ask to read again. 

I think that the book I just read is absolutely adorable!  It is Princess Patty Meets Her Match and in it, we meet Princess Patty.  She is a young princess that is already wanting her prince to arrive.  Giving up on him coming to her, she sets out on foot (with a sparkly bag full of her necessities and her pet goldfish as well)  to see where her prince might be.  It was cute as she travels to find HER prince and each prince is part of a all the magical princess stories!  One prince tries to put a glass slipper on her foot.  Another is waiting for her to fall asleep after eating an apple and she even catches one putting peas under the bed!  
I thought this was a cute new version to introduce a princess to us!  I know everyone will love this!  With the age range being 3-5, you need to find out if Princess Patty ever finds her Prince!


  1. I like the twist on the prince/princess story. That is a cute concept!

  2. The first 2 books look like books Isaak would love!


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