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Although Doc McStuffins is a female main character, Broxton still enjoys for me to read the Doc books to him.  I think it is because he enjoys seeing Doc taking care of all the stuffed animals, because he likes to do that as well.  I love the books because it shows how to love and care for your toys!  
We were sent the new box set of board books featuring our favorite little Doc, Doc McStuffins!  (This set will be available for purchase March 31st.)  In this set, we have 4 books that feature Doc and the gang.
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Doc McStuffins - Doc on Call has 4 books inside a cute little carry case. 
The books included are:
Stuffy the Brave- In this book, Stuffy talks about loving to go on adventures and he is brave... but Doc points out that being Brave means knowing when you need help.  In the end, Stuffy tells everyone to call him Stuffy the Brave.  (This was Broxton's favorite.) 
Hooray for Cuddles - In this one, we see just how close Lambie and Doc are... and that cuddles are great for keeping people from being worried, or sad... and that in the end Cuddles are the best medicine! 
The Doc at Work - This book lets us see Doc working and how she records everything in her big book of boo-boos!
Help is on the Way - The final book has us watching Doc work on all of her toys, but also shows her mobile clinic and how she takes care of the neighborhood toys too! 

We enjoyed all the books and quite honestly, I loved that they were so short.  I think each book was like 10 pages total.  Perfect for little ones that would be reading board books!   Broxton was hoping that each book was a sequel of the book we had just finished, but he did enjoy seeing what all Doc was up to!


  1. I just fixed endie (my son's Enderman stuffie from the Minecraft series) and laughed because my girl called me Doc McStuffins. ;) I think that's a cute show.


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