Friday Feast - Alfajores (Peruvian Cookies)

I get random emails quite often and will just hit the delete button. Other times, I get recipes or some information that I might need or want to eventually share with you guys. 
With Paddington (the movie) coming out, I received an email for a recipe and decided to keep it... In hopes that I would decide to bake and try them out.  I have not had an urge to bake yet, but I thought it would be great to share the recipe with you all now.  
Let me know if you try it!!!!

Alfajores (Peruvian cookies)
By Marita Lynn – Runa Restaurant, Red Bank, NJ
Yield: 50 Alfajores
2 cups All Purpose flour, sifted
¾ cup Butter, room temperature
4 tablespoons Powdered Sugar
1 cup Manjar Blanco (aka Dulce de Leche)
            1 can evaporated milk
            1 can condensed milk
            1 cinnamon stick
Cookie Preparation:
In a bowl, mix together, the flour, butter and sugar. Once mixed, use your hands to create a uniform dough. Cover the dough with plastic wrap and rest in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
Heat the oven to 350 degrees.
On a floured surface, making sure to flour your roller, roll the dough to ½- inch thickness. Using a 2 inch round cutter, cut out Alfajores and place on baking sheet.
Bake for 20 minutes
Let the Alfajores cool on a wire rack.
Fill the Alfajores with Dulce de Leche sandwich style.
Dust with powdered sugar.
Filling Preparation:
Combine evaporated milk and condensed milk in a pan with cinnamon stick and simmer for two hours until it changes color and obtains a thick consistency.
*Manjar Blanco/Dulce de Leche can also be bought at any store, jarred or in a can.


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