Read and Play Along Adventures with Frozen and the Avengers

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As much as we enjoy reading, I loved when a new to us book was recently delivered. The reason they stand out so much?  They are more "interactive" than other books... without all the technology that seems to suck kids in these days!  Wondering what I mean?  Well, to be honest, when I was sent the preview sheets, I thought it was some sort of app, but then the books arrived and it was cute to watch Broxton's face as we read each page.  You have to swipe your hand over the pages, clap so many times, press to places on the pages, all while using your imagination!!!
The books we were sent (very "hands on") involved popular Disney characters.
Shake to Assemble (The Avengers)
Do You Want to Build a Snowman (Frozen)
In the Frozen book we have to shake the book, point to places, cut down tree limbs and more...
All while helping Elsa and Anna build Olaf!  We even learn of Olaf's wonderful manners at the end when he thanks us for helping him. 
In the Avengers book, we start with Hawkeye and have to work blowing pages, shaking pages and more to get the Avengers Assembled for their mission!   Broxton was very excited to do this one!
We really enjoyed both books and it was nice to have a "hands on" approach that was "interactive" without having the technology that so many depend on these days!  Both of these books are hardcover and will be released on March 31st! 


  1. I've never heard of books like those, and yes yes yes I like them, a lot!

  2. There's a lot of kids that would like these books. How fun!

  3. We love all things marvels adventures!

  4. Whoa those 2 books looks super cute and amazing *


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