World Of Reading - Avengers (featuring Ant-Man , Hawkeye and Others!)

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I have to admit that I love the books that have the Reading Level on the front.  I hate that I don't know what level every book is, but lets be honest, there are tons of books out there and more are coming out every day. With the level being printed on the cover, I know which ones are more appropriate for his reading level and that makes for a happy experience. 
The set that we were sent was Level 1 and it included 6 books that covered the Avengers!  (We already have the set of books that follow Captain America, Thor and the others.) 
The World of Reading Marvel Avengers Level 1 is set to be released on April 7, 2015.
The books included in this set include:
Black Widow
Iron Man
Personally, I enjoy these books more than some of the others that feature these characters.  Being that I do not know all of the background stories (nor do I know much about some of the characters)  it is great to have these books that give a little bit of the story of each of the characters.   Broxton enjoys them because we get to read and learn about the characters together. 


  1. When ever superheros are kids are all over the product. How fun this book is! I think I'd like it more than the movie.


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