Bug Detective by Maggie Li

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 If you have a fan of bugs in your house, then I have the book for you!!!  We were recently sent the book, Bug Detective for review and let me tell you, I am so glad it is an illustrated book versus a photo book.  I can't hide that I am NOT a fan... and lucky for me, Broxton likes looking at them, but he isn't one to want to hold them or have them for pets. 
Bug Detective is clearly a kids book, since the pages are all packed full of information.  I think the kids will like that all of the pages are covered with illustrations and information, adults will love that they are learning while having fun! 
An added bonus is that on the cover of the book, they have taped a mini magnifying glass to help read the hints and discover facts!  I wish they would make it more noticeable though, I thought it was just part of the cover, but luckily in the letter that was sent to me, it pointed out the magnifying glass was indeed taped to the front. 
See the magnifying glass taped to the cover? 
Curious as to what bugs are covered inside?
If you are interested in
Beetles, Ladybugs, Worms, Centipedes, Snails, Stick Insects, Spiders, Butterflies, Flies, Bees and / or Ants, then you have a great book to check out!
As I said, each page is full of information and illustrations. 
Let me know if this is a book that you and your kids will enjoy!  


  1. This looks like a fun book for boys! Isaak in particular has always liked bugs.

  2. This book sounds very cute. It would be perfect for my youngest grandson and myself who are both afraid of bugs. I love that they include a magnifying glass to make it even more fun to read.

  3. this would be a great book to get! I don't like seeing bugs too close, nothing makes me scream faster than seeing a bug! But kids like 'em, and the mini magnifying glass for the clues is a cute idea!


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