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As a huge book lover, I am always up for reading new books and sharing with you guys all that we get to review.  Broxton has a fantastic library and it will be great to pass down to his younger sibling when it makes its arrival this summer.  I did want to have a few books to go in the nursery that would be the babies books and not ones from Broxton as well, so when I received a few new books for review from Skyhorse Publishing, I knew two that were going to be for the baby and not Broxton... Check them out:
This board book is going to be a great book for our little one.  It is perfectly sized for little hands and I am not sure about you, but board books are great for little ones in my opinion. This is a book of colors featuring places and things in France. Talk about a great way to "travel" and learn at the same time!  We learn that the dancer has a RED dress.  The tower is GRAY and several other colors.  The illustrations are basic enough as to not over stimulate young ones, but is detailed enough to not be boring to kids of all ages. 

Broxton loves to give gifts and he is such a sweet boy that he has no problem giving some of his toys as gifts. (It is according to what toys we are talking about, lets be honest!)  When I read Always There Bear, I knew this was a book I wanted Broxton to give the baby.  He has a teddy bear that he never really played with. It is an adorable bear that somehow got shoved to the bottom of the toy chest and then was put up with the other stuffed animals... it is is PERFECT condition and has no special meaning to him... so, after reading this book, I think it would be perfect for Broxton to give the baby that bear and this book as a welcome home gift. 
Always there bear talks about a bear that is always there.  It starts with "Everyone needs a bear that is always there."  It then goes through different scenarios that a bear would be great for: "  A playdate with a friend at home bear."  or "A full of bounce from toes to head bear." 
Each page has cute illustrations that are more like adorable sketches...  The illustrations show the fun you can have with your "always there bear." 
I think this would make a great gift for a little one, along with a sweet bear for them to have as their always there bear.


  1. Always There Bear does look like a great 1st birthday, or baby gift. I think it would be fun to go to France. Their language is so pretty.

  2. I like the France board book...just because I love all things France. :)

  3. Always There Bear looks like such a cute book!

  4. These books look cute and interesting


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