Dealing with Death - Dragon Fire

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Death is always a hard thing for me to talk about.  I know I get emotional for selfish reasons, but I can't help it.  When we have had to talk to Broxton about death in the past, it was hard for me to do, but I managed...  I love when you find books that can help with talks like that. 
When we were sent the book, Dragon Fire, I knew that this would be great to have on hand for any future conversations.
In this book, we meet a family of Dragons... Mom, Dad and their two kids. 
Dragon Fire puts a new spin on it, with them enjoying blowing their flames each night... it is their way to bond.  From breathing the farthest to who makes the most beautiful flame, they share this time together... Until mommy gets sick. She can no longer blow her flame and they vow not to do it without her.  She finally gets strength to blow a small one, but knows she can not go on.  She gathers her family for one last kiss, one last hug and she slips away...
Watch as the family handle her passing.
This story was written by a lady dealing with cancer.  This is a great story to help deal with loss and try and explain things.  I thought it was a different way to deal and a great way to read this and talk about death. 


  1. I hope the author who was dealing with the cancer, beat it in full!

  2. Dealing with loss and death is such a hard topic to talk about. Sounds like this book makes it a little easier.


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