Bears and Apes, Oh my! Check out the newest titles from @randomhousekids

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I know it is summer, but it is still a great time to read and work on getting great books in our personal library. I am so lucky that Broxton likes to snuggle up in my lap for us to read and I hope that Savannah enjoys it as well.  We are working on our library for Broxton and then to pass along to Savannah.  Thankfully Random House Kids sent us a few more books to add to our collection!   
 A fun book we just read was Apes A-Go-Go by Roman Milisic.  This was a cute book.  It is a hard covered book with pages full of colorful illustrations.  In this book, we head to a cute little town that is set to win the "tidiest town competition" for the third year in a row... but one thing after another happens and the "tidy town" isn't so tidy anymore! When the Apes call one another, they yell " Bogo! Pogo! Apes A-Go-Go!"  I think that was Broxton's favorite part, when it was time to call more apes to help out!   Grab the book and see what ends up happening to pull the town back together.

I really liked the book, Welcome Home, Bear by II Sung Na.  This is another hard back book that has great illustrations throughout.  In this book, we meet Bear as he decides that his home is not where he wants to live anymore.  He goes all over visiting each of his friends in their home habitat to see if that is where he wants to be...   Up on a cliff to the goat, down deep in the water with the octopus, so on and so forth.  Where do you think he ends up?  You need to grab the book to find out!  

Do you read over the summer? 


  1. My grandson loves us to read to him. He loves animals so he would enjoy these books.

  2. I love the 'Welcome Home Bear.' We have so many bears, ppl are often posting on FB the bears coming to their door, sitting in their baby's pool, etc. It would be fun to have a book about bears!


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