Pajama Styling with Little Twig and Sparrow PJ Sets

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Broxton is getting at the age where he doesn't always want to wear cartoon character clothing.  Now don't get me wrong, he still does at times, but other times he thinks he is too grown to wear them and we have to have other options.  Lucky for us, we were sent a couple cute and adorable (to me) PJ sets from little twig and sparrow.  They look to be super comfortable and they are not covered in characters that make him feel like a "kid."  (Side note, he is a KID to me.. he is 6, why do they need to grow up so fast?) 
We were sent the brown one ( we call it the puppy dog outfit, since the dark brown with light brown patches reminds us both of a cute little puppy) and also the blue one (we have since started calling it the race car one, since he thinks the stripes on there remind him of a racetrack!) 
He loves wearing them and although they are long sleeves and pants, he still loves wearing them in the summer.  I guess the material is light enough that it doesn't get too hot for him. 
I think he is adorable in them and he seems to really enjoy them!  If you are looking for a comfortable and stylish pair of Pajama's, make sure you check out the ones from little twig and sparrow!   (  FYI, they come in a cute little pocket/ pouch bag that is great for gift giving, but also just what a little boy (or girl) needs to hold all of his/her odds and ends one collects on a daily basis!) 
Your Little Ones Will Be as Snug as a Bug in a Rug in Their Modern, Comfy Little Twig & Sparrow PJ’S, Parents Will Love PJs That Are Good For Their Kids & Good For The World They Live In

For families getting a little tired of super hero and princess pjs, this is their chance to give their kids the healthiest possible start in life with pajamas that are exceptionally durable and, therefore, more sustainable for the environment. Meet Little Twig and Sparrow. Little Twig & Sparrow pajamas stand out through modern style, extraordinary quality and in keeping with well regarded values of conservation, frugality-parents wanting to give their kids the very best start in life with only fashions and gear that is good for them and for this world.

These gorgeous contemporary pajamas are made from Peruvian Tanguis cotton (reputed to be one of the finest, most durable fibers in the world, created from a plant that requires very little water, thus being very friendly to our environment) with a luxurious feel and perfect for sleepwear, lasting many washings and many pillow fights:). Mom and dad will likely even be able to pass them down to a younger sibling! Talk about a good investment! The stylish, modern design comes in a soothing palette of colors, soft breathable fabric that is comfortable and stylish, and adored by both girls and boys alike. Truly quality vs. quantity.

We call it Puppy Dog

We call it Race Car
Aren't they just soo cute and comfortable looking?  As of this posting, they are on sale at AMAZON for $19.99 (regularly $39.99)  They have sets for boys and girls! 


  1. OH those are just too cute.
    And yes I love sales!

  2. I love the designs and love pajamas that are comfy to sleep in.

  3. I heart these pjs. They looks so comfortable! I think I'd like the brown and yellow ones.

  4. These look great if you are looking for the non "kiddy" p.j's. I like the color of both of these pairs.

  5. These do seem nice, and knowing how much kids love them is great! I never heard of Peruvian Tanguis cotton before. I just read Egypt is planting less and less cotton, so there won't be much Egyptian cotton any more. Cute name, too!!


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