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With Back To School all around us, I wanted to take a few minutes to highlight on a product that many don't really think about.  Okay, Okay, maybe it was just me.. because I didn't think about it until this year!  Each year when back to school rolls around, I go and start thinking about clothing.  Having a young son, we always had to go and grab the cute character t-shirts and then I would grab a few polo style shirts as well.  The polo style were great, as he could wear them to school and then wear it on Sunday to church!  Each year for Christmas, I get all the boys a pair of pajamas that they wear on Christmas Eve.  Normally I just grab the pj pants, but last year, I went and got them matching shirts, since it was cuter to me that way.  Once I did, I realized that all of them love the solid colored t-shirts and that included the youngest!   How about your shopping list?  Have you checked out all of the colors and styles that Gildan has to offer?  
Image Credit - Gildan Site 
We were sent a selection of their classic short sleeve t-shirts for review.  They have tons of colors from your basic colors like blue, red, green, and black, but then they go a step further and offer other colors such as honey, sapphire and orchid!  If you are looking for a great solid colored t-shirt, you want to head over to see what all they offer.  Keep in mind they also have several fit styles.  Gildan offers classic fit, semi fit and missy fit.  They have shirts for adults, ladies and toddlers.  Oh, did I mention that they have more than just basic t-shirts? You can check out to see what they have along the lines of v-neck, tank, sleeveless, t-shirts with or without pockets and also long sleeve options!  Besides the options of colors and styles, I personally LOVE the price!!!   $6 per t-shirt and they even offer "tall" sizes for an additional $1.  

Image Credit - Gildan Site 
As I mentioned, we also go the polo route and I am a bit annoyed that I am just now finding out they offer polo shirts for $8.99 each!!!   I could have been buying more for my money for all the boys from this site!   They offer shirts from small to XX-large, so that would cover all the sizes we could need.  I mentioned the shirts to Marc and he was already familiar with this brand, as it was a brand of shirt he knew from the military!   

Gildan offers other styles as well. They have socks and underwear, but I was happy to see the clothing options they have under the "sweats" link.  They have basic sweat shirts, hooded sweatshirts, zip up sweatshirts, quarter zip cadet collar sweatshirts and even sweatpants! Best part?  After looking at all I did, I did not see anything over $20.  That is a huge plus when you have many to buy for!  

If you are like me and wait for school to start back to let the chaos die down, you want to head and stock up on several items from Gildan!  (We even went ahead and grabbed a few solid colored shirts to represent the college football teams we love! Yes, I did purple and gold for LSU for Marc and the boys... I can be nice!)  If you are one that buys early for back to school, maybe you are ready to start Christmas shopping.  You could stock up on these at great prices!

Head on over to see what all they have that you can mark off your list!  


  1. I'll have to give my sister the heads up. She loves Polos for the men in her life.

  2. I don't think we've ever purchased Gildan t-shirts, but some of the printed ones start with Gildan shirts. They always seem to last! I'll have to check this out. Thanks!

  3. It is good to have options. I hope the colors are as exact. I love bold colors.


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