How fast can you go in your @striderite shoes? #backtoschool

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If you have visited this blog before, you might know how much we love the shoes from Stride Rite.  I will sing their praises, as they are really good for us.  Broxton can do some damage on shoes, so for the longest time I would just buy a cheap pair from a local store and when they were worn out, we would just buy a new pair.  We then tried out Stride Rite and we have never looked back!  Well, actually this one time, his daddy wanted to buy him a pair of shoes like his, so we ventured out to that store and after wearing them for about 10 minutes (and him not liking them) we took them back to their store and then headed further down in the mall and got him a new pair of Stride Rite shoes!   

Stride Rite offers shoes that are "made 2 play."  These are perfect for kiddo's that get their shoes dirty and often.  They are machine washable!!!!  These shoes are more of a swim material than other sneakers, so keep that in mind if you have one that is used to things being a certain way and not up for change.  
These are Broxton's go to shoes now!  He absolutely LOVES them.  It was cute watching him try them on, as he has to run around the store to make sure he is still "super fast"... the fact that they light up was an added bonus.  Yes, he was super fast... so these came home with us. Actually, I got to looking and all of his shoes he has now are from Stride Rite.  I am sad to say that the Darth Vader shoes that got wet not to long ago have been placed to the side so that the new shoes he has now are the ones he always picks.  I guess I need to hide these one day, so that Vader still feels the love!  

If you are looking for shoes for back to school, or even just trying to get a head start on Christmas, make sure you keep Stride Rite in mind. They have been around since 1919, so you know they are doing something right!!!  If that isn't enough, I love that every time we go by the store, it seems like they have a sale of some sort going on.  Stride Rite has shoes for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kids!   (They also have a cool selection of shoes for the Star Wars fan!  I can't wait to learn more about the limited edition ADULT Star Wars shoes that match the kid ones.  I would be a rock star mom if I got these for us!)
I feel like I need to buy these for Broxton for Christmas!!!!   He would be thrilled!   
Wouldn't you buy Stride Rite shoes if you knew the end result would get you a smile this big???


  1. Those are cute! Isaak had some Stride Rite Spider-Man shoes that he had. He wore them so much! They weren't shoes we passed on. Isaak wore them the most, and was hard on his shoes. They most certainly were great shoes though.

  2. I love the quality of Stride Rite shoes!

  3. I've learned over time that certain things are worth the few extra bucks too, and I bought my daughter Stride Rite shoes all the time. They are great!

  4. We just won a pair from a blog. I'm excited to try them out when they get here! If we like them, we'll purchase a pair for my granddaughter who is getting pretty great at running. :)

  5. I know how fast kids go through shoes, so these are good.
    I remember always wanting to get this brand but couldn't.

  6. We always bought Stride Rite shoes, too! I love the idea of machine washable ones.


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