Family Pizza Night with @RusticCrust

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 A few weeks ago we were given the opportunity to have a pizza night at home,  thanks to Rustic Crust.  Broxton was pretty excited about it, we just had to head out and grab the ingredients that would go on top.  
Rustic Crust sent us a few of their pizza crusts, in Cheesy Herb and Crispy Italian flavors.
They also sent us a package of pizza sauces.  I really liked that the pizza sauce actually had 3 packets inside so you could make more than one pizza.  
As soon as Broxton came home from school, he was already asking to make dinner.  Needless to say, we had a very early dinner that night, but his face was priceless while we made it and then ate his creation.  
As soon as we pulled the crust out of the package, he was wanting to taste it.  The smell was great, so he was eager to try it out.  Luckily, I was able to talk him in to waiting, so it worked out.  
After that, we moved on to the sauce.  He did try it out as he put it on the crust and he kept talking about how great it was!   
He wanted to go with just cheese and pepperoni, but I had to add mushrooms and onions to mine. It only took a short amount of time until the bell dinged and the pizza was ready.  We were both very impressed with how great it was.  The flavor was as if we had someone else make it and the best part was that we did it at home!  The memories we made that day were wonderful and guess what?  We ended up making pizza a few more times that week and the week that followed.  
I am thinking that having this set up as a pizza station for kids to make their own would be great for football weekends.  Just make an area with toppings and have them make it however they want!    Then they could eat it throughout the games!   
You can purchase these online, as well as by clicking the where to buy link on their site.  

Just a bit of information:
All Rustic Crust ready-made crusts are:
·         Made using traditional, Old World baking methods: Hand formed and double proofed for flavor
·         Use delicious, all natural ingredients: Select herbs and spices, no GMOs or artificial ingredients
·         Healthy for the whole family: Unbleached whole grain flours, no trans fats and no added sugar
·         Convenient ready-made pizza crusts that are ready to enjoy in minutes
·         Oversized Rounds for extra value
·         Made in the USA

Caprese Pizza Recipe: 


  1. Oh yes I am all about the pizza. I'd love to try the Rustic Crust. Looks like you have a happy customer over at your place. :)

  2. I've never found a premade pizza crust that we liked, but then we haven't tried Rustic Crust. I really like your idea of having a pizza station for kids' parties! But no mushrooms, please. :)

  3. I haven't heard of this brand, but I love making pizzas this way. It's a great way to make it homemade without actually having to wait for the crust.

  4. Looks delicious! We love making homemade pizzas in our house. It's a fun way to get the kids involved in helping to make dinner.

  5. I love the pictures you got of him. How cute. I love pizza!


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