Get ready for halloween with a few new books!

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Monsters (and Halloween) can be a scary subject for children, but if you make the subject fun, the fear can be pushed away. We were sent a couple new books from Sky Pony Press for review and I was excited when we read them and Broxton asked for me to read them again.  The first book was Ava the Monster Slayer.  It was a book about a little girl that needs to go get her piggy from the basement.  You can tell she has an older sibling, because she has a fear of monsters... but lucky for her, she faces her fear to "save" her friend (piggy) and slays monsters on the way!!!  The second book?  It was Broxton's book by far...  The Runaway Punpkin.  In this one, we have a cute little pumpkin that wants to go out and experience halloween night.  As he tells his mom what he wants to do, she tells him he needs to be prepared.  On each page, we see the adventure that the little pumpkin wants to go on and the added bonus?  You can see mama pumpkin hiding and watching over her little one each time.  Such a cute and fun book!  Perfect for kids of all ages!  

Called “a triumphant sally in the long-running war against closet and other domestic monsters” by Kirkus ReviewsAva the Monster Slayer tells the story of a young girl who rescues her favorite stuffed piggy from the monster-infested basement, all while donning her signature glasses, her brother’s superhero cape, her rain boots, and a sparkly princess crown. Why leave all the fighting and world-saving to the guys? Following in the footsteps of Buffy Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Black Widow from The Avengers,Ava the Monster Slayer teaches both girls and boys that females can be strong, be brave, and find their courage when needed.

Inspired by the beloved children’s classic The Runaway BunnyThe Runaway Pumpkin is the next best Halloween classic. A cute little Halloween pumpkin announces that he is ready for a Halloween adventure. So he prepares to set out on the exploration of a lifetime. However, his ever-watchful and caring mother wants to make sure he’s prepared before he takes that first step outside. A book about a little pumpkin who is ready to tackle the holiday with gusto, this book encourages kids to use their imaginations and to go on adventures. It also teaches kids that having adventures and making memories with someone important to them can be extra fun.


  1. These are great books that I think my niece would love.

  2. Ah I want the Runaway Pumpkin. That book looks super duper cute!

  3. It's fun having season and holiday books. I know Mica got into them a lot. I should look through his book collection because he has a few Halloween ones, and one about Thanksgiving to.

  4. These are cute! I'm sure my little cousins would like them.


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