Gift Giving and Military Match, @CommunityCoffee has it all!

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It's fall, y'all!  The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing colors and football season is in full swing!  Yes, its a wonderful time of the year!   I have never been an avid coffee drinker, I leave that to my mom and dad that both can not seem to function without at least one cup to start their day. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy a nice cup from time to time, but I will be honest with you... I just can not get into the whole drinking HOT coffee when it is HOT outside.  Cooler weather, yes please!  
I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Community Coffee in reviewing some of their K-Cups in the past and today I get to tell you about a few more (among other things!)
Marc is loving this review, since it is a taste of "home" for him!   In the past, I was able to try a few of their flavored coffee, Pecan Praline is my go to right now, although I have loved all that I tried. This time around, I wanted to really get Marc a taste of home, so I asked to try a couple more reminiscent of Louisiana.  

Up first : Coffee and Chicory  - Our version of this Southern favorite strikes the perfect balance between 100% Arabica coffee beans and high-quality chicory for a more intense body and flavor than coffee alone. Try it black or café au lait style with steamed milk for a true taste of New Orleans. 
The other flavor: Cafe Special  - Created for the finest restaurants, this welcoming, medium-dark roasted coffee has full-bodied flavor with a smooth and balanced finish. Made from only the top 10% of the world's coffee beans.

Okay, let me just tell you.. Wow.  That Chicory one was super strong to me.  For real,  Marc laughed and said he warned me, but I didn't expect it to be that strong. For a coffee lover, I see this as a dream come true.  For someone like me that likes sweet coffee occasionally, this was one I will keep for when I need a burst of energy.  Don't get me wrong, it will be enjoyed, but not as a daily beverage!  The Cafe Special was one that I have enjoyed and I see this being one that my dad would like.  Good thing that I try to keep coffee on hand for when he visits!  
Recently, I attended our local MOPS group and decided what better group to get opinions of coffee from than a group of moms?   (Side note, if you are a mom, I strongly recommend you look into seeing if you have a local MOPS group near you, I love my MOPS family!)  I loaded up the Keurig and a a mix of all my Community Coffee K Cups.  The Pecan Praline were the first to go!  I did not hear one person say anything negative about the coffee, in fact a few commented that it was a nice treat to bring in the assortment!  A dear friend of mine that loves coffee ( I really think she has it running through her veins!)  Actually tried all of them and of course she said she loved the Chicory the most!   
With the holidays coming quickly, I thought it would be nice to go ahead and start my Christmas list.  I wanted to get Marc the Tiger Bean Tumbler, remember he LOVES LSU...   Yeah, that thought quickly flew out the window once it arrived.  This tumbler isn't one of those cheap jokers you see, it is nice and heavy duty.  The artwork of the Tiger made out of coffee beans is so cool to me and although my heart bleeds Red and Black - GO DAWGS! - I decided that Mama needed this more than daddy.  So it is mine!  I can cheer for the Tigers too!  

If you are already planning your Christmas list like I am, go over and take a look at Community Coffee.  Most teachers I know LOVE coffee, so you could make a cute gift basket of coffee with a tumbler or coffee mug! No matter the recipient, I am pretty confident in saying that they will love the thought behind a gift of Community Coffee if they enjoy coffee!  (I guess I might try to see about getting Marc a t-shirt, since I know he will wear it and I won't try and pilfer that from him!) If you want to give even more, make sure you check out their MILITARY MATCH PROGRAM.  Being in a military family, it gives me great pride in knowing that Community Coffee honors our military!  Head on over to check out how to take part in this!   
Are you a fan of coffee?  


  1. I am a fan of coffee. I usually drink it black, but sometimes add in a splash of unsweetened almond milk.

  2. I do like coffee! I just finished a bag of Cafe Special, which is one of my favorites. I don't care for the flavored coffees, though. Not sure why, but I'd rather make regular coffee and add a syrup if I want a different flavor. Weird, I know! :)

  3. I usually drink iced coffee, but I'd like to try more kinds like this.

  4. That is a pretty great looking tumbler. I love Community Coffee here too!

  5. I am a fan of coffee, but we still have an old school coffee pot.


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