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When you have a little boy, a husband that works outside and a new baby, you say "YES" when given the chance to review a new laundry detergent, at least that is what happens in our house!  The first sentence of the email said "Europe’s #1 Style Secret is finally in the US!"  Yes.... I want to see what the secret it!   

We were sent two of the Persil line detergents:   

Power-Liquid with the signature Persil Original Scent is packed with Pro-Power Technology to help remove tough stains for an exceptional clean.  Experience premium clean with the stain-fighting power of Persil Power-Liquid detergent

Powerful stain-fighting combination for a premium clean
Great for everday laundry and to help fight tough stains
Also available in Power-Pearls™ and Power-Caps™

Power-Pearls are a new type of detergent formulated with Pro-White Technology for dazzling whites, also for colors. New Power-Pearls are great for everyday laundry and help to fight tough stains.  Don't settle for anything less than radiant whites and a premium clean with Persil Power-Pearls laundry detergent.

Pro-White Technology™ for dazzling whites and a premium clean (also for colors)
Great for everyday laundry and to help fight tough stains
Dust-free and dissolves quickly, even in cold water

First up?  Our laundry, as in the adults...  I loved the way the clothes smelled when they came out of the dryer, but so often with our laundry products, the scent quickly fades, so I wanted to see how it would work this time around.  Several days later, the smell was just as great on the clothes as the day they came out of the dryer!   I washed Broxton's clothes in the same detergent and had the same results.  It amazes me how smelly little boys can get from running around and playing all day!   The final attempt was to use the detergent on Savannah's clothes.  With her still being a baby, I was curious how her skin would react, but so far so good, we have not noticed any form of change in her skin since we have started using it.  (They do carry a Sensitive Skin version, but I do not think we will need it.)  
Not only do the clothes smell great, they look great as well.  I will be the first to admit that I am not one to pretreat stains and what not, so they basically just get thrown in and hope for the best.  (I do plan to get better at it, especially since more stains and dirt are coming home!)   I have been very impressed with the job that Persil does, so I am really excited to try the Intense Fresh version.  I can only imagine how great it well smell if I am loving the Original scent!  
If you are interested in trying out Persil, make sure you look at the Store Locator on their site to see where you can purchase it near you!  


  1. Whenever I get laundry detergent I use it. I haven't gotten any in awhile, so I've been making it. Travis didn't know that it worked until he looked in the washer and saw dirty water. I wouldn't use homemade stuff otherwise.


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