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Some time ago, I learned that not every child owns a book.  It breaks my heart to hear this, as I love to read and love sharing my love of books to Broxton.  We have a great collection of books and it is fun to add more to our ever growing library.  We were recently sent a few new ones for us to review and now I get to share them with you.  

In one book, Sewing Stories, we get to learn of an artist named Harriet Powers.  This book tells us of her birth and her years from a slave to an artist through quilting.  Slaves were not taught to read nor write, so they told their stories by sewing. (I did not know that.)  This was a very educational story for me to read and I know that many others will enjoy the story and illustrations in this book.
The other book was Space Dog.  Broxton read this book for his nightly homework where he had to tell the setting and characters of the book.  Reading of Space Dog, Astrocat and Moustronaut made for a great read and it was a cute and funny book of friendship!  
Read below to learn more! 

SEWING STORIES: Harriet Powers; Journey from Slave to Artist by Barbara Herkert, illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton
The heartwarming picture book biography SEWING STORIES follows the tale of artist and quiltmaker Harriet Powers who was born into slavery and whose pictorial quilts now hang in museums such as the Smithsonian and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. SEWING STORIES includes factual sidebars throughout and extensive back-matter on this particular case-study of African-American Folk Art.

SPACE DOG by New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Book of the Year winner Mini Grey
SPACE DOG is a wacky adventure about teamwork and unexpected friendship; with vibrant art packed full of fun and funny details.
A triumphant story, this picture book is sure to enliven storytime.


  1. These looks like great, fun books for my kids. They love reading and I can't wait to share these books with them.

  2. Space Dog is the one Isaak would love. The boy is finally into reading.

  3. We love books here. My son can't get enough of a new one he was just sent, and I know he'd like these too!

  4. These sound like great books for kids. I'm so glad they're creating such great stories for young minds to absorb.


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