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As we all know, I love PBS.  The shows on there are great for all of us and I fell in love with them all over again when Broxton was born. The kids programming is not only fun for them to watch, it is also educational and for a mama, that makes my heart happy!  We loved the children's programs throughout the early years of Broxton's life, but when you are 6 going on 21, you seem to say " I don't want to watch those BABY shows anymore!" Having turned the corner on those shows, we are now coming back around since we have Savannah.  No, I don't plop her in front of the tv or anything like that, but as I mentioned, we love background noise here, so we have been known to turn the tv on to have the noise.  It is sweet when Broxton comes in and sees his sister has her attention to whatever is on TV and instead of complaining, he will sit there and watch with her, telling her what is going on.  Be still my heart!  I hope that this love stays like that forever and ever!   She has a great big brother in him and his love for her melts my heart daily!  

As much as we love PBS, they don't have kids programming on 24/7.  (No complaints here, as I love getting to watch Downton Abbey!) The times that they don't have a kids show on and I need one for background noise, we now have the opportunity to throw in a DVD. We are working on getting a DVD collection for her like Broxotn used to have, so I was excited to see that PBS is releasing 2 just in time for Valentines day.  Savannah will not be getting a box of chocolates, but she will still get a Valentines Day treat!   

She will be getting:
Daniel Tigers Neighborhood - Would You Be Mine?  
WOULD YOU BE MINE?” features eight stories including “It’s Love Day!” and “Daniel’s Love Day Surprise.” In “It’s Love Day,” Daniel makes special heart cards to bring to school and hand out. While at school, some of the kids explain how they like to say “I love you” to their friends and family – Prince Wednesday likes to sing, and Miss Elaina likes to give hugs. In the story “Daniel’s Love Day Surprise,” Daniel helps his mom make a special heart-shaped pizza and finds a way to show Grandpère how much he loves him by setting up a special treasure hunt just for him featuring sparkling purple hearts.
The other stories included on this DVD are “Daniel and Miss Elaina Play Rocketship,” “Daniel Plays at the Castle,” “Friends Help Each Other,” “Daniel Helps O Tell a Story,”
“Margaret’s First Chime Time,” and “Tiger Family Fun.” One of the key ingredients that sets this series apart is its groundbreaking use of catchy musical strategies grounded in Fred Rogers’ landmark social-emotional curriculum that reinforce each theme and that preschoolers and parents both sing – and use – together in their daily lives. Some of the strategies kids will learn from the stories on this DVD include “find your own way to say, I love you” and “friends help each other, yes they do, it’s true.”
Word World - Be My Valentine 
This new DVD includes five stories, two of which are Valentine’s Day themed. “My Fuzzy Valentine” features Sheep working to create a valentine song for her best friend Bear. Unfortunately she has trouble finding just the right rhyme to finish her song. With help from Fly, she uncovers the perfect rhyme and makes Bear a valentine with real heart. In “Love, Bug,” Bug wants to sign a valentine for his favorite WordFriend, but doesn’t know how to write his name. With lots of encouragement from Frog he learns that with a little practice he can write his name and give his valentine.
 In addition to these two great stories, this DVD also includes “Sh-Sh-Shark,” “Princess Sheep” and “There’s an Ant in Every Giant.” WORDWORLD demonstrates the connections between letters, sounds, words, and meaning in order to empower children to advance from learning letters to learning how to read. Some of the words kids will learn by watching this DVD include heart, bug, shoe and crown.

What gifts do you give you Valentine?  




  1. I give a tiny box of chocolates that has like 4 chocolates in them.

    That's a really cute picture of your kids!

  2. I try to do the creative cards where you add candy in as sayings. My boys have enjoyed that. We also so some heart shaped stuff like pancakes, cakes, pizza, etc..

  3. That is sweet. :) I haven't seen DT Abbey yet, can you believe??

  4. Your little ones are so cute.
    And I do like PBS, but rarely get to watch it, and haven't seen Downtown Abbey as yet either.


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