Teething Baby? Try the @munchmitt

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Time sure flies when you have little ones, doesn't it?  I don't remember when it was that Broxton started teething, but it seems like Savannah was teething when she turned 2 months old.  At 5 months now, I would think she was about to bust out a whole set of teeth with the amount of drool and gnawing on things that she does, but no teeth yet.  I am serious, when does it start?  Seems like it is too early for that, but here we are!   

Anyways, with teething comes all the gnawing and trying to put everything into their mouth. I was excited to get the chance for us to review the MUNCH MITT aka baby teething mitten.  I knew with the chunky plastic end and the bumps all over it that it would be PERFECT for my munching little one.  The only problem?  She had a small mouth and it did not really seem to work.  
Oh, let me back up.  The Munch Mitt is a mitten that has a chunky plastic tip.  (Like where the fingers would be.)  It also has that crunchy material inside it that makes the sound babies love.  Add to it that it has Velcro on the wrist and now you see what we had.  As I said, it seemed like she was teething too early, so it did not work.  (I give honest reviews, so I was ready to let you know.)  Then, life happened and the blog was pushed to the side for a bit, you know... mommy moments that I would rather enjoy!!!  
Well, after that, we pulled the Munch Mitt back out and let me tell you, she loves that thing.  She still isn't a fan of it being on her hand.. but we lay it on the floor when she is down there and she grabs it and has a blast chewing on it.  I have even put it on my fingers when I am holding her and she seems to really enjoy that too.  I believe as she gets a bit older / bigger, the mitt will fit better and I can see her using this the correct way as time goes on. This is perfect for travel, as once it is on their hand, I see it hard to get off (dropped)  and it would be great for car trips!!!!   

Every now and then she will let me put it on her hand, but more than not we just let her chomp on it as a toy.  I love that they offer a few different colors and it also comes with a little bag to put it in.  Perfect for travel as well as when it is time to do laundry!
What tricks do you have for a teething baby?


  1. They come up with something new all the time. I just can't imagine how boring life was for us when we were babies. Ha. This is cute!


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