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Are you one that makes New Years Resolutions?  I have never been one to do so, because lets be honest here, if I want to do something I will do it then, not wait until the New Year to start. I know that might not be the best attitude, but it is the truth.  Yes, I say I want to lose weight. I want to eat healthy.  I want to be a better me...  but it didn't start because of January 1st. It happened because I want to be around for me...  to see my children have children.  To see what they become.  Maybe that is selfish, but it is true.  Actually maybe I did make "resolutions" but I like to word it different.  I started a "new chapter in my life."  Nothing really changed, but I told my husband that we do need to eat better... and we need to drink more water...  I didn't say to start on January 1st, but looking back, I can use it as a kick off point to make myself more responsible for my actions!   No, I am not going to go all health nut crazy (although I wish I could... but lets start with baby steps people!)  and throw out junk food, buying all organic vegetarian options...  But I can make healthier choices.
I like apples, I can choose apple slices over a slice of apple pie (with ice cream and whipped cream too!)  I can choose to add more vegetables versus meat on my sandwich.  I can also choose to visit Sprouts Farmers Market versus a fast food restaurant.  What I am saying is I can choose to change my habits to see a better end result.  

My reason to try and be healthier.

To help get the year started right, Sprouts Farmers Market is hoping to get you into making Healthy Habits part of your daily routine.  Read the release below to learn more about entering:

Sprouts' New Year campaign, Start Fresh with Healthy Habits, will run through the month of January. This year, Sprouts is encouraging customers to make small, achievable changes —in the form of healthy habits—that over the long-run will equal big rewards to their overall health. 
The 21-Day Healthy Habits Challenge :
  • Dates: 1/1 – 1/21
  • Entry form on the Sprouts Website will also feature articles and content related to healthy habits. Each day during the challenge, customers can go to the entry form to enter and let us know that they achieved their healthy habit for the day. There will be a total of 21 entries possible. 
  • Prize:  One grand prize winner will score groceries for a year, in the form of $5,000 in Sprouts gift cards.
  • Hashtag: #HabitMyWay
In addition to the entry form located on, there will also be a Facebook event for the 21-Day Healthy Habit Challenge. Subscribers to the event page will be able to view motivational content and share their own photos and inspiration with one another. 
Vendor photo challenge giveaways will also take place on the Facebook event page. Giveaways are scheduled with Organic Valley, Kashi, New Chapter, Tiesta Tea, MegaFood and Kala. They’ve got some great prizes to giveaway, including a TREK bike, yoga mats, fitness trackers and a Vitamix. 

Make sure you head on over HERE to enter the contest, but before you go... Why not leave me a comment telling me what you are doing to be healthier in 2016!   Do you make "resolutions",  do you call it something else, or do you just skip it all together?


  1. I'm keeping with the steamed greens in the morning. That's really helped me loose weight, and keep it off.

    My goal more is to paint, paint and paint some more.

  2. I love their challenge!
    I should really enter the contest.
    Thank you.

  3. Not a "resolution" but a goal is to continue to improve my fitness by eating better and exercising more.


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