Caillou and Reading Rainbow? New DVDs being released

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Do you give gifts at Easter?  I remember the Easter Bunny coming to see me as a child.  It was fun to see my basket filled with candy and usually a stuffed animal of some sort.  My cousins always had what seemed to me to be a second Christmas.  It was insane the different gifts that they got.  I am not sure if it was all Easter Bunny, or if their parents gave them some gifts too, but either way, it was a lot of presents.  Broxton normally gets a little basket from the Easter Bunny, but nothing major. Since his birthday is in February (and Valentines is as well) he doesn't get an overload of candy.
I thought I would share a few DVD options if you are looking for suggestions for the Easter Bunny this year! I am most excited about Reading Rainbow!!!!  

Miss Nelson Is Back” – Reader: Ruth Buzzi
Illusions appear in abundance in this episode. As part of his birthday celebration, LeVar gets made-up like a movie monster, and then gets involved in Harry Blackstone’s magic act. Ruth Buzzi reads “Miss Nelson Is Back,” all about a group of rowdy students who try to take advantage of their teacher’s absence when she’s out sick, and how she gets revenge on them by pretending to be “the meanest teacher in the world, Viola Swamp.”

Our Big Home” – Reader: Naomi Judd
LeVar visits the United Nations building to learn more about how different countries of the world try to work together. Naomi Judd reads “Our Big Home,” a poem about how everything in the world is connected and how we all must work together to make it succeed.

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World” – Reader: Helen Mirren           
LeVar and a friend point out that following recipes and cooking foods tend very much to be science experiments. They work on recipes which include lasagna made with rice, a marinara sauce, and apple raisin muffins. Helen Mirren reads “How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World,” a tale about a lady who goes to elaborate lengths to get all the ingredients to make a pie after she finds her local grocery store closed.

Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express” – Reader: Brian Dennehy
LeVar takes a train ride in this episode. Along the way, we learn about trains and how the transcontinental railroad came to be. Brian Dennehy narrates the true story of how a young teen named Kate Shelley saved the engineers of a train that crashed into a river when the bridge near her home collapsed, and how she got word to the nearest station to alert them to stop the express train.

That’s Mine!
Caillou learns that accidents happen sometimes. When Rosie accidentally scratches Caillou’s bike, he’s determined to take back all of his toys and keep their things separate…until he accidentally breaks Daddy’s guitar string. After breaking the guitar string and talking with Daddy, Caillou forgives Rosie and decides to share his toys once again.

Copycat Clementine
Clementine is being a copycat – and Caillou doesn’t like it. When Clementine copies his artwork at preschool, Caillou thinks this is the last straw…until Clementine admits she’s copying him because she really likes his artwork! With help from Miss Martin, Caillou realizes this is a compliment and he feels much better about Clementine’s copycat ways.

Caillou’s Poster
Caillou is excited about the opportunity to draw a poster for his friend Ted, at the grocery store. When Caillou gets his friends to help him with the poster, but doesn’t share the credit, Leo is upset. Caillou realizes he needs to make things right – and he has the perfect solution: he includes his friends in a photo shoot with their collective “masterpiece.”

Playhouse Play Date
Caillou and Sarah work together to decorate Caillou’s new playhouse. They even plan a playhouse play date for all of their friends! When the big day arrives – and Sarah is sick – Caillou decides to go ahead with the party…but soon realizes it isn’t the same without Sarah, especially since she contributed so much.

Caillou Conducts
The preschool has a visitor – Liz, a musician. She shows the kids all sorts of instruments and Caillou is excited when he’s chosen to be the orchestra’s conductor. In fact, he’s so excited, he can’t stop conducting those around him – at preschool and even at home! When Caillou refuses to share his conductor’s baton he soon learns how easy it is to hurt other’s feelings – and how it feels better to give others a turn.

Caillou’s Song
Caillou wants to learn to play a song on his little keyboard…only Rosie won’t leave him alone. She keeps distracting him, trying to chime in with her drum, and pots and pans, and silly singing. When Caillou sees his sister playing on a pretend keyboard – just like Caillou – he decides to let Rosie join in his music fun.

Where’s Caillou?
Caillou wants someone to play with, but he doesn’t want to play dollies with Rosie…again! In an effort to get away from his pesky little sister, Caillou hides. As Rosie searches around the house for Caillou, her efforts soon turn into a fun game of hide-and-seek…giving both siblings something fun to do!

Do you give DVD's for Easter?


  1. I always loved Reading Rainbow. I like Cailou to. Travis on the other hand hated that Cailou's parents let him come to the table with toys. He also couldn't understand why he was bald when he was 3 or 4 years old.

  2. lol at Alissa's comments. My SIL loves Caillou and her kids do too, but her husband hates him! And then my granddaughter likes Caillou and her mom does too, but her daddy can't stand the show when it's on and growls about it, lol! Maybe Caillou is a gal/kid show... ha!


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