Planes, Trains and Trucks from Word World

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I have no shame in admitting that one of my favorite shows Broxton watched when he was younger was Word World.  I think the creativity is amazing that they made the words into illustration.  The cartoon is cute and it is teaching reading and spelling at the same time.  Education plus fun is winning in my book!!!   We had a few Word World toys (and coloring books) when he was younger, but no DVD's. I am THRILLED that we are adding the Word World DVD's to our DVD library now for Savannah! Yes, she will be getting this for Easter!!!  
Duck’s Family Reunion
Because they have rhyming names (and are both cute and yellow), Duck mistakes a truck for a long-lost relative! His best friend, Frog, is a bit ruffled at the epidemic of silliness going around, but ends up saving the day for Duck and his word “family” when the truck gets stuck in the muck!
Build a Word: TRUCK

Back on Track
While looking through his telescope, Frog notices that Kangaroo’s mail train is headed straight for a broken track! He has to rely on Bear and her tiny new tricycle to get him there to fix the track in time. And as if the tricycle isn’t tiny enough, Dog, Duck, Ant, and all his cousins climb on board to lend a hand. Will they make it in time?
Build a Word: TRACK

Frog and the Bug Band are headed to have some fun on the beach, but not everything goes as Frog had planned. Frog loses the letters “PL” from his plane and must search through the jungle to find them. After some crazy jungle adventures finding more words with “PL” sounds (including a run-in with a giant Frog-kissing plant), Frog realizes that fun doesn’t always have to be planned!
Build a Word: PLANE

The Race to Mystery Island
Pig and Frog are trying to out-do each other. Their competition results in a big race to Mystery Island. Each WordFriend builds himself several words to thwart his competitor along the way. After struggling while competing with each other, Pig and Frog both finally come to realize that the only way they can succeed is to work together.
Build a Word: BOAT

Wee Little Whale
Sheep rescues a tiny whale who is stuck in some seaweed and brings her home to her haystack. They quickly become best friends. But as Whale gets bigger and bigger, outgrowing Sheep’s teacups, bathtubs, and pools, Sheep realizes she must return her WordFriend to the sea. Although Whale may be big, her friendship with Sheep proves to be bigger, and the two discover a way to continue playing together!
Build a Word: SUB

Rocket to the Moon
Frog thinks that in order to build a big rocket he needs big, uppercase letters. While looking for a capital “T” Frog gets roped into watching the Little Piggies. How much trouble could that be? Big trouble when they build their own rocket and end up on the moon! Frog comes to the rescue, and just when he thinks he is stranded on the moon with the Little Piggies, he learns that lowercase letters are just as useful as uppercase ones.
Build a Word: ROCKET

Race to the Spaceship
Frog must help Robot get to the top of WordWorld’s highest mountain and build a spaceship in time to play spaceship tag. By adding one word to another, the WordFriends learn how to make a car, boat, and bike go faster.
Build a Word: SPACESHIP

Flying Ant
WordWorld is all abuzz – today is the Insect Air Show! All the bugs in WordWorld take to the sky to show off their flying skills. All the insects, that is, except Ant, who can’t fly. But Ant is a smart, industrious WordFriend, and with the help of his best pal, Pig, he searches for a word to get him in the air. After a few attempts, they find just the right word to give him the lift he needs to be the hit of the show.
Build a Word: KITE

Are you a fan of Word World like me? 


  1. I do like Word World. It helps my kids read small words.

  2. They're all cute descriptions. My granddaughter LOVES Word World. :)


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