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Most people know that Atlanta has tons of things to do.  As a child, I remember taking our vacations as trips to Atlanta.  You name it, they might have something somewhat like what you are looking for.  I am so blessed that we live here now and that I am able to take my children to different things around the city.  Recently we were able to take the day and enjoy ourselves at the Georgia Aquarium.  If you have never been before, you are in for a real treat. If you are familiar, you know how much fun there is to be had!!! 
I like how the Aquarium is laid out.  The easiest way for me to explain it would be to say it somewhat resembles a spider.  You have the center of it all (where you can sit and relax, enjoy food and now they even have live music.  I am not sure how often they have music there, but it was a surprise to see)  Then, where the spider "legs" would be, they each branch off into a different wing for you to see different galleries.  Did I mention it is 2 levels?  Don't worry... They have ramps / elevators as well as stairs.  It was perfect for us the day we went with the stroller.  If you are spending the day in that area and don't think you will need your stroller while at the aquarium, they also offer "stroller parking" so that is a relief.  

A map of the Aquarium so you can see the layout better.

The Georgia Aquarium. They have penguins, as you can see by their sign out front.  
(Broxton decided he wants a pet penguin now!)  

Georgia Aquarium will introduce a new California sea lion experience on March 31st, an exciting new program and gallery that will highlight this fascinating species. The Aquarium has been undergoing an extensive renovation for the sea lion habitat to celebrate its 10th anniversary. This new exhibit, named the SunTrust Pier 225 gallery, is among several other new and unique attractions opening at Georgia Aquarium this March.
In March of 2015, an unusually high number of sea lions pups were stranded on California beaches during an Unusual Mortality Event (UME), a sad phenomenon that is reaching a record-breaking high. Georgia Aquarium has provided a home for two of the rescued pups that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) deemed non-releasable after they stranded multiple times. Recently named by Georgia Aquarium’s fans, Jupiter and Neptune will serve as sea lion ambassadors to educate the public about the challenges these animals face in the oceans, including dwindling food sources. These two pups also join four other rescued sea lions at Georgia Aquarium that were deemed non-releasable.
Georgia Aquarium is active in sea lion preservation and a portion of proceeds from the Aquarium fosters this important work. Georgia Aquarium experts have assisted The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, Calif. which experienced overwhelming numbers of stranded and malnourished pups throughout this past year’s UME.  The Marine Mammal Center is one of many stranding centers located in California performing the important work of rescuing and rehabilitating these animals.

Southern Company River Scout showcases a wide diversity of animals found in the rivers of four continents - Africa, South America, Asia and North America. Species native to the state of Georgia itself make their homes in this gallery.
Animals range from reptilian albino alligators to colorful cichlids and Asian small-clawed otters. All live in a themed environment of waterfalls, logjams and a simulated North American river flowing overhead!

Dolphin Tales - Georgia Aquarium strives to inspire a greater understanding of common bottlenose dolphins and develop a lasting legacy for the conservation of marine mammals. The gallery and show underscore Georgia Aquarium’s commitment to educating the public about the aquatic realm in an immersive learning environment.
(We were not able to ago to check out the dolphins this time. We have seen them in the past and it is awesome. When we headed in that direction, Savannah had finally decided to take a nap and I was not about to wake her up.) 
Coldwater Quest - Species in this gallery showcase amazing adaptations to their harsh environments. From the coasts of South Africa and Japan to the Arctic Ocean, Cold Water Quest provides a glimpse at life in some of the world's chilliest ecosystems.
(Penguins... Yep.  We had to go through there a few different times.  Loved it!)  

They also have other galleries.  They are Ocean Voyager, Tropical Diver and Aquanaut Adventure.  
Ocean Voyager has whale sharks!!!   Pretty neat to see, if you ask me!
I love the Tropical Diver gallery because of the HUGE window where I could sit for ages looking at all the fish.  They were pretty busy as the day grew on, but we had to go through once more for me before we left.
Aquanaut Adventure is by far a MUST DO if you have children.  This gallery is very hands on as far as the educational aspect of it all.  They focus on STEM, which is a big thing these days!!  

This was pretty much Savannah's expression the whole time.  She seemed to really enjoy seeing all the fish and was mesmerized by so many new things to see.  

Broxton hated this.  Let me explain. He LOVED the gallery, he just hated me trying to take this picture.  If you look behind him, you see a diver back there feeding the fish.  I was trying to get him to stand in front and hold his hands so that it looked like the fish were all coming to him.  I think it turned out okay, but would have been better if I was directly in front of him. That spot was taken, so I did the best I could!!!! 

Stay tuned, as I will be sharing other pictures from our trip.  If you are planning a vacation, why not head to Atlanta and make the Aquarium one of the stops on your trip?  If you are planning a staycation and you live near here, you must check it out.  SO much to do!  Great place to visit for Spring Break,  if you can't make it to the beach!  

One more thing before you go... 
Okay, a few more. 
This is a great year to go visit, as the aquarium is making great changes!   Here's a look what's coming:
  • A very cool California sea lion experience will debut on March 31 in the new Suntrust Pier 225 gallery! 
  • A brand new dolphin presentation!
  • A completely renovated 4D theater
  • Several new touch pools located throughout the Aquarium's galleries
Make sure you visit the Aquarium site, as you can click on each gallery to see what all animals are there for you to see.  (You could even make a scavenger hunt for those going on the trip to see who can see everything.)


  1. That's fun that you got it so the fish look like they're coming to him. And I love the look on your baby girl's face. :)

  2. I love that picture of Broxton. The scavenger hunt sounds so fun!

  3. This is an awesome aquarium. We haven't been there in a few years, so we need to go back and check out the new stuff.

  4. Look at the cuties!
    Yes this is definitely a fun place to take the family on a trip!
    I would love to visit.


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