Make the most out of rainy weather. Be a Puddle Jumper!!!

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Let's be real here. Most times when it rains people start to complain.  I admit it, I do. It is hard getting a 7 year old that wants to run around in it and a baby under a year old in and out of the car in the rain.  Not even mentioning the fact that I really don't enjoy being soaking wet.  Here is the thing though... when did we start hating the rain?  As a child, we loved it. (Farmers still do, in moderation!)  
One of the latest books to join our ever growing library is Puddle Jumpers.  I am SO GLAD that we received this, as it reminded me to enjoy all of these moments!!!  Seriously, it is really fun and it is FREE!!!   What isn't to love???

PUDDLE JUMPERS by Anne Margaret Lewis (author) and Nancy Cote (illustrator) is a happy picture book that celebrates the simple, pure joy of jumping in a rain puddle. Nancy Cote’s cheerful illustrations are full of kid appeal, a perfect match to a story that captures the magic of being a child. Let your imagination take you on your own adventure the next time you encounter an irresistible puddle. 
 The illustrations are so cute throughout the book.  I think we all could use a bit more of the excitement and joy of childhood.  It goes away so fast!!!

Look at that face!  Jumping in puddles PLUS playing soccer.


  1. I Agree, I hate the rain now but my Son loves it! He loves running around the driveaway and stomping in puddles and getting as dirty as possible in the mud. Plus that book is cute!

  2. It's good to see him playing outside.

  3. I think in Georgia it rains more than in Nebraska. We get more snow, you get more rain.

  4. My son loves to jump in puddles too!! I think the book is cute, and the picture off your son is even cuter. :)

  5. How true! And I'm quickly reminded how when I heard on the radio there might be sprinkles this morning, I said 'ugggh' to myself tucking my umbrella into my tote. We loved rain and puddles as kids, we need more of that pure joy for rain, too.


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