The theme was dead... what was inside? @lootcrate review

Loot Crate is like Christmas morning each month at my house!   I am serious.  If you have been here before, you know that we have been lucky to have built a relationship with Loot Crate in offering you reviews of such a great subscription service.  Each month, we get a box FULL of super cool items that fans of all ages will love. Each month has a theme and recently it was DEAD themed!  Yes, Walking Dead and Deadpool!   Look below to see what all was in there!  (Even though my son does not watch Walking Dead nor has he seen Deadpool, he thought that this was all for him... Not a chance kiddo!  This is for mama!) 

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I love that the Loot Crate box arrives from the USPS in a plain black box... Then you open it up and get ready to explore!  Not to mention that the box can be turned inside out to be a storage box that is decorated for the months theme!   
I did the box this way to show how you can make it look.  Plus all the goodies.
Deadpool shirt and figurine.  I know a few that want that already.
Then they had Walking Dead. I LOVE the Walking Dead, so I was stoked for it.  They had a figurine in there, it was in a plastic baggie, so you were surprised by who was inside.  I was hoping for Daryl since we met him, but it was Rick.  (Who jokingly now sits with our family photo's waiting for someone to notice.) It also included Soap on a Rope that were the ears Daryl wore around his neck. LOVE IT!   
This was flipping the box the other way to be the Walking Dead theme.  See the zombies?  Yes, Broxton loves it and wants the box for his room.  You know what?   I am thinking I will use these boxes for cool gift giving this Christmas!   Score one for original design under the tree!  
Each month loot crate treats you to a box full of goodies, but they also include a new #lootpin .  I love the lootpin for the collection of it, but I do wish that they would have the month on it like they did in the older pins.  We don't keep the paper they are on, as we have the pins on a special fabric hanging up.  Either way, I loved the design on this one.   
A close up on the soap on a rope and walking dead figure.  
Deadpool items.  I am not familiar with Deadpool, but I know it is a big deal these days!  

All of the goodies from the LevelUp collection.  Again, "dead" themed.  We have a Walking Dead shirt, a silence of the lambs shirt, nails that have blood on them.  2 pair of socks and my favorite... a necklace from the Walking Dead.  
Since I love my Walking Dead, I wanted to show a close up on the shirt.  It has Michone on the pocket..  I am not sure who I will be gifting this to, yet.
Stay tuned as I think I might make a giveaway with ONE item from a past Loot Crate for one of you! 

With Mothers Day and Fathers Day right around the corner, you might want to look into one of these subscriptions offered from Loot Crate.  Talk about being the "favorite child" with a gift like this!  


  1. I haven't seen either Walking Dead, or Deadpool. I heard they are good though. If Deadpool was for kids I know we would have watched it. It's not though. This box looks fun!

  2. I've seen the ad. it's quite funny!
    I might like a box just to see how fun, but not monthly


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