Chewbeads, More than just a Mothers Day Gift

Still trying to find the PERFECT Mother's Day gift?  If you have a new mom in your life, or know someone that is expecting, this is the gift you need to look at.
When Savannah was born, I knew I needed to find something to help us all out when we hit the teething stages.  Sure, you can have teethers and rings to put in the freezer, but if you are out and about running errands, you are not always going to remember to grab that, are you?
Chewbeads is something you will remember, because it is something that you wear!  (A little "fashion accessory" if you will.)  I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to review a couple items from the Chewbeads line of products!  
FTC Compliant Review Policy:
The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Chewbeads are stylish and add extra interest and color to your outfit. Not only are these  necklaces attractive and stylish, but they are also completely safe for your baby or toddler to chew on when they are teething. Baby-safe jewelry for new moms is becoming much more popular, and this selection made of 100% safe silicone is ideal, because it looks like a fashionable necklace and not a string of baby toys hung around your neck.
·         no bpa, phthalates, lead, cadmium, or heavy metals
·         no detachable parts
·         breakaway clasp
·         clasp is not chewable, chewing on clasp may cause necklace to lose functionality
·         inspect all jewelry before use, if any beads are damaged, please dispose of or return to manufacturer for a replacement
·         chewbeads are intended to be worn by adults, are not a toy, and are not intended to be worn by children
·         Chewbeads have been thoroughly tested by a global CPSC accredited laboratory to assure that they will not break apart or detach in a baby's mouth & that they are non-toxic, however, with all jewelry, chewbeads should not be left with any baby unattended

Not only do Chewbeads come in a wide variety of necklace designs and colors, they also offer other products as well.  We were sent the Mulberry Teether in Punchy Pink and I love it.  
I love that the teether is cute and practical.  I love that it is in a bright color (but they also have grey and other more neutral colors, I just wanted bright and bold with her!)
I am still trying to decide if I love the necklace or the teether more.  I would probably say the necklace, as I can wear it whenever and always have it with me.
We went to the zoo and I wore it, she got fussy and I actually took it off my neck and connected it to her stroller.  Win - win for us all.  Another time, we went to meet friends and I had it on.  I had many compliments on it and when they found out it was more than a necklace I think they were a bit amazed.  Finally, I had it on at Broxton's school once and she grabbed it to chomp, one of the students was like "uh oh, she's grabbing your necklace and CHEWING IT!"  I explained it was my necklace to wear and it was made for her to chew.  I loved seeing their face when they saw something "SO COOL!"

So, as I said.. if you are looking for a perfect gift... (We all know how painful teething can be for the little one and those around) look no further than the Chewbeads website.  Just a warning, you will want to get more than just one thing!  I love my necklace, but now want the cornelia bracelet and the stack and play sets!    Head on over and let me know what you like!  


  1. Smart thinking to connect it to the stroller. I've heard of these. think they're cool!

  2. I love those things. Different brands started coming out when Isaak was born. I bought a few. I loved them.

  3. I have one as comes in pretty colors and safe for babies ;)

  4. These are really cool! I think that it is a great idea to have a necklace that baby can chew on! I need one of these!

  5. I love these and wish they had been around when my daughter was born many years ago. These would make such a wonderful baby shower gift too.

  6. I love making baby gift baskets, and never thought to add chew beads - also I want to check out their other products I had no idea they have other things, too - wow!


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