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This week at our school, we have been celebrating out teachers. If you get a good one, they go above and beyond each and every day.  Many times teacher have to spend their own money to continue providing supplies for the classroom.
One year, a friend of mine (before Broxton was in school) was telling me how her school did Teacher Appreciation Week and while I thought it was a bit extreme, especially for those on low income, I see how it was beneficial to the teacher for her class.  Example, they were requested to send in $10 gift cards on one day to certain places, then a list of different things for the other days.  Oh and a $10 gift card for lunch one day too. This was EACH STUDENT.  What if you did not like the teacher??
Anyways, we have been lucky to have teachers we like and also in the fact that our school doesn't do crazy stuff like that.
This year we had basic days: draw a picture or make a card, bring a flower, gift for the specials teachers (like art/ music/pe) bring a snack and so on.  Of course we did it all, but I also like doing a gift for the end of the year as well.  Yes, I know its almost the end of the year, but I mean like the last week of school.
I normally try to do one or two things.  One - just give a gift card and call it a day or Two - do a mixture of things in a gift basket.  If I do the gift basket, I like to do a few items for the classroom (to help start the next year off great) and then a few items for the teacher to enjoy as well.  
I wanted to share with you a few easy and simple ideas you could do for your teacher (or mom for Mothers Day) thanks to the chance to work with CVS.
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If you are thinking of something you could do for the teachers gift...
Give a gift basket with supplies for the classroom. CVS offers bandages in fun patterns for any kid at heart.  I know grown ups, myself included, that would totally rock the bandages with the Avengers on it.  You could add bandages, tissues, cleaning wipes and then a few school supplies like notepads, pens, pencils and markers.  Then throw in a gift card to treat them to lunch or even a gas card.
If you are trying to find a great gift for mom, or even grandma's, you could go the same route.  Pick out fun bandages for when the kids get hurt, or need that extra comfort. We all know that bandages can solve many an injury. If you don't want to make a free for all gift basket, you could go in a totally opposite directio.  You could gift tissues and then a tearjerker movie with snacks and goodies for a movie day!
While you are there, make sure to stock up on a few of the CVS line of over the counter medicines.  Since summer break is headed our way, we need to make sure the illnesses stay away so we can make the most out of each moment!   I admit, I don't go to CVS as much as I should, but that will be changing as a CVS is opening up right down the road from us soon.  My mom on the other hand, well besides home and work, this is the third place you are most likely to find her at!  I could grab a CVS gift card and send it to her to make her a happy lady!  
DO you have a CVS near you?  What do you go there to purchase most often?


  1. We just got CVS's here a few years ago. Thankfully I don't have to go to places like that often. Everyone has been pretty well. I should stop by and look to see if they have saline salt in their own brand for the Neti Pot.

  2. CVS does have everything at such great prices!When I go to CVS, I get vitamins and cleaning supplies. I think they have so many things besides prescriptions!

  3. Yes, I have a CVS about 10 minutes from my house. I usually shop the sales & usually pick up snack foods & bandaids.

  4. We go through probiotics a lot, so I'd get them, or Neti Pot salt.

  5. There is a CVS near me, and it is one of the few stores I can walk to, so I'm there all the time. I buy all kinds of things there, it is great!


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