Three new books, great for those that made you a mom!

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I heard it was Children's Book week, so I wanted to share a couple books that we were recently sent for review.  I am still trying to decide which is my favorite.  They are all three totally different, but each hits a soft spot for me.  With Mothers Day right around the corner, it would make a great gift if you decide you want to give a book or two to the little ones that made you a mom!  
I really loved Hypnosis Harry, because it explains that when we say "NO" it isn't just no that we mean, it is so much more!  In Hattie Peck, we learn to never give up and to always follow your dreams.  Finally, My Shadow has been a favorite poem to me for years and years, so I love seeing the poem as a book with illustrations perfect for children!  

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Harry’s parents say no to everything! That is, until Harry learns about hypnosis. HYPNOSIS HARRY by Catherine Bailey and Sarita Rich is a wildly funny, sweetly silly look at the real meaning of the word “no.” Children will delight as little Harry answers the delicious question: What would you do if you could do anything?
Poor Hattie Peck simply loves eggs, but she has only ever laid one—and it never hatched. Hattie embarks on a journey in search of all the abandoned eggs. HATTIE PECK by Emma Levey is a sweet and simple story about how to love all different kinds of people. Readers will be encouraged to follow Hattie Peck’s example of be persistent and creative to make their dreams come true in unexpected ways.

MY SHADOW illustrated by Sara Sanchez is a sweet and charming retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous poem for children. Parents and teachers will love exposing children to one of the classic authors in children's literature through this simple and charming retelling.

Have you read any of these?  Which one sounds best to you?


  1. I always tell my son that I tell him no for good reason. How fun to have a book to back that up!

  2. I haven't seen any of these. They all look cute. Isaak is jumping up in reading level, but he still doesn't want to read chapter books.

  3. These are interesting books indeed. I haven't read them but judging from your references, they must be recommended.

  4. These sound like fun books that know how to get a message through with humour and fun. I want to check these out.


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