So much going on at Six Flags Over Georgia

Looking for something fun to do this summer? Have children?  Then let me tell you about the all new children's play area that has recently been added to Six Flags Over Georgia.  We were recently invited there for the grand opening and to say it is awesome is putting it very mildly. My son had a blast and it is great for kids of all ages!   

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We were lucky enough to go for the grand opening of Bugs Bunny Boomtown and all of the wonder Broxton had as we always rode by Six Flags over Georgia was finally brought to life as he got to experience it all. This time around, they were opening up the new DC Super Friends Zone.  We got there early to enjoy the park and then made our way to the DC Zone.  They announced that there would be a special guest and we were ready... If you follow me on Instagram you saw their entrance.
BATMAN and WONDER WOMAN were there!!!!

Batman and Wonder Woman were there for the ribbon cutting ceremony. This is them with the President of Six Flags Over Georgia for the event. 
They stayed after the ceremony so people could get their photo with them.  It was pretty awesome!
We were treated to a nice lunch from Six Flags and then were able to continue on having more fun.
SUPERMAN Tower of Power, releasing the dare devil in thrill-seekers of all ages to take on this 65-foot tall bouncing thrill ride.  He was a bit nervous to get on at first. Once he was on he had a great time and as soon as he came off he immediately asked if he could ride it again.  

The BATCOPTERS, an opportunity to help save Gotham City by flying high in the sky.
I love that the helicopters have controllers in there. You can make it go up and down on your own. He had a great time and I loved that it was just his size.  He was able to ride it solo, but as the crowds got a bit larger, they made them ride together so he quickly made friends with the other kids in there with him.  
HARLEY QUINN Games, filled with villainous games to test your skills against the best in the family. After checking out the games, you are right there for the coaster!!!!  ( Kind of like a 2 in 1 for that!)  THE JOKER Funhouse Coaster, the supreme family thrill ride named after the ultimate Super-Villain, featuring 900 feet of track, speeding at 30 miles per hour.  We actually did not spend much time there because once he rode the Wonder Woman ride, that is where he wanted to stay!!!

I wasn't able to get a better shot of the Wonder Woman ride, but we have the memories!
WONDER WOMAN Flight School, where pilots can earn their wings by flying their own jet. As I said, this became his favorite ride.  You move the front to sort of direct it how to go.  He loved it!!!!  
There were two things that stuck out that I really liked. 
One - these rides are perfect for kids of all ages, but you don't have to have an adult.  Since having Broxton, I am not a huge fan of rides (I will ride them, but choose not too) It makes it harder with 2 kids and one being a baby.  She can't ride and this way we can go and enjoy the day still.  
The other thing I like?  The fact that if you are enjoying the day in Bugs Bunny Boomtown, you can just cut through the Fun House to the rest of the DC Zone!!!  PERFECT!!!!

Again, Six Flags Over Georgia is a great way to spend the day. The BLUE HAWK recently reopened too!  They also have Hurricane Harbor, so make it a vacation to Atlanta and come for more than one day!!!  

Here is a little more information for you: 
Six Flags Over Georgia is also announcing the opening of Hurricane Harbor for its third season. The massive water park features acres of water thrills, including the award-winning Tsunami Surge water slide with a 45-foot zero gravity wave wall. Hurricane Harbor is free with park admission.

More than 6,000 votes were cast in the naming poll earlier this month. 
Blue Hawk received more than 50 percent of the vote, 
American Eagle finished second place 
Air Commander in third place.

Blue Hawk will reopen with new ride enhancements, including:
· Two new coaster trains with new soft-vest restraints for a more comfortable experience;
· Enhancements to the 2,800 feet of track for a much smoother ride; and
· A fresh, new coat of shiny blue paint along the track and silver paint on the support poles.

The park is open daily through August 7


  1. I like all the super heroes they've included. My boys would dig that.

  2. Look at your brave boy!! I love Six Flags. :)

  3. My husband LOVES six flags. We haven't been to this one yet though. What fun!

  4. I have never been to six flags, but I want to go!


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