Do you send Lunch Notes? #PeppaPigPacks

Does your child take lunch to school or do they get lunch from the school?  We normally pack lunch for Broxton. Some days he likes to eat lunch there, so we look at the menu and decide.  (No lie, some days I don't feel like packing lunch, so its a big treat for him then too!) One thing I try to do when packing his lunch?  Send a note in there.  It can be something as simple as a smiley face, an I LOVE YOU message or whatever I think.  I did try being creative and drawing things for a bit... I don't do it daily, but I try and surprise him from time to time with them.
I know that he would not be thrilled to get Peppa Pig lunch notes, but I thought they were cute and if Savannah was a little older, I would totally send them for her.  I did want to share in case you had a Peppa Pig fan that you wanted to use these for.
Just click to enlarge, print and enjoy!

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 Do you send notes in your children's lunches?  


  1. I actually painted the top/inside of their lunch boxes with black chalk paint, and wrote messages on there in chalk. They always want school lunch now. :( I liked sending messages. Maybe I'll start sending Travis notes. Ha!

  2. ha, the notes are cute. I used to send notes in the lunch box once in awhile. I haven't done it this year because we switched to a thermal bag and I think the note would get lost. :/


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