I love how each #Lootcrate has a theme. #Dystopia review

I am telling you now, Loot Crate just keeps rolling out the goods! I love how they do a "theme" each month.  A past crate theme was "Dystopia" and although I had no clue what that meant, it was neat to see all the goodies that were packed in the box.  I will go ahead and tell you, the ROBOCOP shirt was my favorite this time around!  Awesome!

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Another Lootcrate filled with cool products.  I thought that the matrix puzzle was going to be my favorite (just because puzzles are neat to me) but then I checked out the Robocop shirt and knew hands down, it took the favorite category this time.  
While I am a stranger to pretty much the whole box, I did find it neat to see what all items they came up with:

Loot Crate Magazine - I  like this because it gives me more information on all of the goodies inside the box each month.
Robocop shirt - My favorite item this crate.
Terminator 2 Metal Print - I have noticed metal prints / signs making a huge comeback for decor. ESPECIALLY COLLEGE KIDS!!!
Matrix Puzzle - Will be working on this soon.
Fallout 4 Power Armor Dorbz - I see a huge collection of these figures going on right now too!
Bioshock Infinite Key Blank - Not a clue about Bioshock, but love that you can take it to get cut to whatever key you want.  I thought that was a nice touch!  
Loot Pin - I love collecting these now!

You can't tell me that this shirt isn't just straight awesome!
Out of everything in this box, what would be your favorite?

Keep Lootcrate in mind - Christmas is getting closer and closer!


  1. I like a lot of what they have in them. Some of the stuff I know my kids haven't seen, or been around, so I don't know how much they'd get into. Overall I'm impressed with their boxes though.

  2. Yep, that shirt is cool. I havne't tried lootcrate (yet!).


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