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I don't know about your house, but around here the Christmas lists are a bit hard to figure out. I was telling a blog friend of mine that I have started having to write down what I buy each year, as I seem to gravitate towards the same gifts.  Yes, my dad was gracious about it, but he did get a nice grilling set two years in a row.  My brother didn't mention it, but I am pretty sure he got a great knife set two years as well.  I am not 100% on the knives, but I know I went to buy him a set this year and was like, HOLD UP.. I am thinking I got him one before, I came home and looked and yep... been there/done that!  
So, what do you do in that situation? You look for great gifts that are new, or at least new to us.  I was lucky that we were sent a couple great gift idea's from Sands Alive and Floof. If you are not familiar with this brand, keep reading... We love it!

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Do you know about FLOOF?  It is this light airy concoction.  Sort of like playing with marshmallows, without worrying about getting sticky... or maybe cotton, but I don't know how many people really know how it feels to play with cotton.  Either way, this stuff is great.  It was light and fluffy and we had a great time playing with it.  

Broxton (nor I) had ever seen it before, so it took a minute to kind of look it all over.  It comes sort of vacuum sealed in a bag, so you have to open it up and let it all air out.  Then, LOOK OUT!!!!  
We received the Cloudy Day kit...  Now that it is finally cold, I really really REALLY want the Mr. and Mrs. Snowman and Polar Babies kits.  They just might end up under the tree this year. (Maybe for mama, who knows?!) 

The floof set comes with the actual floof, a roller that has designs in it, a play mat and a cloud mold. We had a blast playing and I feel that it is something Savannah will love when she gets older, but at her age everything goes in her mouth and I am just not up for that yet!
This would be perfect for rainy / snowy days when you are inside.  Let the kids let their creativity soar as they make clouds and have fun with the floof.  Bring out the little figures that they play with for a day of play!  

We also had a couple sets of Sands Alive to enjoy.  Unfortunately, my phone has decided to die on me. Like, die die... Like no photos, messages NOTHING transferring over.  Needless to say, lesson learned.  So, we have no photos or video of the Sands Alive.  We had the Treasure Hunt one, super cute and fun.  We also were sent the Sweet Shoppe and gave it to my niece.  She had to open it as soon as she got home and her mom immediately had to send me a picture of her playing in it telling me how awesome they thought it was.
Let me just tell you... 
Having a son that used to spend HOURS and HOURS in the sandbox, this is AMAZING.  He was able to play his heart out with it and when it was all said and done, very little cleanup was needed. We have had so much fun playing, as we hide gems in the sand and allow a certain time to find them all.  He has also used it to play with his army men and again, no big messes.  Know what that means? It means I will let him play with it more often and I don't get all frustrated with a big mess at the end of play time.  The kit we had came with a play mat, figures, molds to use, gems and even a treasure chest!  
Now, I want to get the ABC's and 123's for Savannah.  Another one? They have GLOW SAND and I really think Broxton would love the Volcano World kit.  

 I don't know about you, but I think this is all just so super cool!  I think they would make great gifts to go under the tree this year.  It would be fun for rainy / snow days.  Instead of having the children depend on technology all day, they could play with this for hours of entertainment!


  1. Isaak would love this stuff. He loves to build, draw and make things.

  2. I love when there are many choices for the kids.


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