Volcano Alert! #OctonautsLive was great!

We recently had the opportunity to go and see Octonauts Live in Atlanta.  It was their first tour in the USA and it was great!!!  I was not sure how Savannah was going to do, but her eyes were glued to the stage pretty much the whole time.  It was also our first time at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center and that was a very nice venue and AWESOME for kids!!!!
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Parking was easy and once we arrived we hurried inside where they had souvenirs and concessions for sale.  They also had a few photo ops staged, so that was a great way to document the evening.  

The show starts and we immediately get to see the characters that the kids know and love.  Captain Barnacles, Medic Peso and Lieutenant Kwazii are there and the kids go NUTS! The characters are all in costume (obviously) but they do have a guy that I noticed was talking to a few in the crowd before the performance that is a huge part of the whole show.   

Not the best picture, but I did want to prove that I do go and do things with them, since I am rarely in any photographs.  They tell you no flash photography, so this was taken during intermission.  I will say I was very impressed.  The show said it started at 6 pm and I am 99.9 % certain it started at 6 pm. (I have a very impatient child that has to ask "how much longer" for everything!)  The show ran about 30 minutes, then they had an intermission. I believe it was right at 15 minutes.  Then, the show started back up and I think it went for another 30 minutes.
There was the whole story line (VOLCANO ALERT! VOLCANO ALERT! )  of helping Bob fish find his brothers.  There were sea creatures around and singing lots of songs!  

After the show was over, we were invited for a VIP Party and Meet and Greet with a few of the Octonauts.  They had snacks and water for us while we waited for the characters to arrive.  They had a photo booth set up taking photos of the kids that we can download online and then the characters showed up.  While I do wish they offered all of them, they select 2 for the meet and greet. (Not sure how they determine the 2 that night.)  Broxton is really into penguins so we were crossing our fingers to see Peso, but he wasn't there.
Maybe they can have all of them available and when you purchase your Meet and Greet tickets, you have to list 2 that you want your photos with and then you get a pass for those 2 and only those 2?  I don't know.  I like they had Captain Barnacles since he is the leader, but again...
Either way, we had a great time and were thankful to have the chance to go. Just wanted you guys to know that there is not a guarantee that you will see your favorite if you pay to have the Meet and Greet experience.  

With Savannah being 1, I was not sure how she would do. Like I said, she did great.  It was long enough that it is worth your time to take the children for a great experience, but it is short enough for little ones that might not want to sit for an extended amount of time.
We had a great time and of course left singing the songs from the event!
I really hope they had success on all of their shows and plan to come back again next year with more shows added. Keeping an eye out to see and let you all know! 


  1. I'mean glad you got to go.My granddaughter would have loved this one. It was just too far for us to go. Maybe next time. :)


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