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Sometimes all you really need is right there with you, but you are too busy wanting bigger and better and you miss out on the things most important.  That is the message I took from the book, Thousand Star Hotel by The Okee Dokee Brothers.  

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We love working with Sterling Publishing, so when I had the chance to review Thousand Star Hotel by The Okee Dokee Brothers, I was so excited.  This is a hard cover book, with no book jacket.  Two BIG things I LOVE when looking at childrens books!  Another added bonus to this book?  It comes with a cd!!!!   
This is a book about Mr. and Mrs. Muskrat (or you can call them "muskets if you are Broxton!)  They go fishing each day, catching just enough fish to make their dinner for that night.  One day, they catch a big one.  It wasn't just any BIG one, it was a special, wish granting catfish!!!  

I couldn't help read this without having an accent.  Really hope that wish granting fish had some twang in his voice, because he does in our house!  
The thing about this book?
Mr. Muskrat is wishing for bigger and better.  He wants a big fancy house with a proper roof!  Mrs. Muskrat is being sensible. She just wishes for nails and a hammer to fix up their current roof.  They stop the wish granting to change it up again and again.  I am not going to tell you what ends up happening, but I will tell you that the final wish (from Mr. Muskrat) is a THOUSAND STAR HOTEL.   You will need to read the book to see if the fish was honest about being a wish granting fish.  The book is great and I loved the message!
Look close enough to see your blessings are right there with you!  
I can't wait to listen to the CD. Our player is broken at the moment, but it is on the list!!

Information from the publisher:

Grammy® Award-winning duo The Okee Dokee Brothers are back with their second book THOUSAND STAR HOTEL (Sterling Children’s Books, March 2017). They’ve created a fanciful story—inspired by the folktale “The Fisherman and His Wife”—about the things we wish for . . . and the things we really need.
Includes an 11-song CD and audiobook read by The Okee Dokee Brothers!
As childhood friends growing up in Denver, CO, Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing were always exploring the outdoors. They started playing music together in high school, and now, as the Grammy® Award-winning and three-time Parents’ Choice Award-winning The Okee Dokee Brothers, they have put their passion for the outdoors at the heart of their Americana folk music. THOUSAND STAR HOTEL is their second book – Can You Canoe? and Other Adventure Songs (Sterling Children’s Books) came out in 2016.


  1. I love that it comes with a CD! The circle illustration that you have there is so cool!

  2. This sounds like a good one to have to read to my kids in childcare!


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