Love Lego? Love space? You will love #LDCSpaceMission at @LDCatlanta Thanks, @BRAVEprATL

Having an 8 year old, we love going to Legoland Discovery Center in Atlanta.  He has a blast there and it is so fun watching his mind at work playing with all of those LEGO bricks!  He has said he really likes that they made the play area the Pirate Adventure, so when we heard they had a limited time SPACE MISSION Exhibit, I knew he would love it.  We planned our trip to go see it and I was surprised when he asked if they still had the Pirate play area.  No need to worry, it is there... doubt it is going anywhere for a good while.  The first thing we noticed?  They have added this play area to the first area you enter.  If you have been before, it is the waiting room before the doors open to enter and learn more about the making of those little bricks!  

He was excited to get to play instead of just stand there and wait like you had to in the past.  

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As you enter, you see the Space Mission Exhibit off to the side.  

I had no clue that Broxton was an astronaut in his spare time!  He never ceases to amaze me!!!! 

The Space Mission exhibit has several stations that you can build on.  They also include laminated sheets with instructions to build.  

 One of the stations in the new exhibit.  

The attention to even the smallest details is a reason I love the designs at Legoland Discovery Center!

While we had a good time checking out the Space Mission Exhibit, Broxton was very eager to get to the Pirate Adventure Island area. I love that it is so open now.  Having a little sister, she wants to be right there with BIG BROTHER to see and do everything.  In the past, she would not have made it being so small, but with this new play area, she was free to go in there with him.  

She had so much fun, but in all honesty, she was a bit too small for it to go alone.  Lucky for us, they had an area with DUPLO blocks and we had a great time letting her build!  

The DUPLO station (in the play area) had a table, but she was just a bit too short to be able to play on it with ease.  The floor worked perfect for us.  Please note, they do have a toddler area.  She was just too busy trying to hang with big brother, so I didn't even try to go over there!

A big THANK YOU for the invitation for us to come and check out the new exhibit. Keep in mind, this is a limited time thing, so plan accordingly to go check it out!  

A little more about Space Mission:
Space Mission is a celestial building experience where guests can explore alien worlds built entirely out of LEGO® bricks, build their own spaceship, explore the mission control center and watch a LEGO® rocket blast off into outer space!

Have you been to Legoland Discovery Center before?  Do you have LEGO fans in your family?  What is a cool exhibit you think they should try and do at some point?


  1. I'm getting my nephew Edison a Duplo set for his birthday coming up. I have a few base plates I got to review that fit Duplo pieces.

    Mica still asks for Lego sets. Maybe they never grow out of liking Legos.


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