Kid not a fan of plain water? They should try @AquaBallDrink !

Living in Georgia, we don't really have different seasons.  That is my story and I am sticking to it!!! We have early summer, summer and Football.  Those are our seasons. Anyways, before I get a lecture on the different seasons, I wanted to share with you something fun.
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Broxton's school recently had a "color run" where the kids got to get sprayed with colored powder. To say it was fun would be an understatement. It was so cute to see the kids expressions as they ran through it. (They had the option to run through the color, or to run beside it and not get any on them. You should have seen them as they approached the area!)  Once it was over, I brought water for each of them to drink.It wasn't that hot in the morning, so I really did not even think about water.  By the time his class was participating, it had warmed up a good bit. I wish I had thought about it in advance, and I would have tried to grab Aqua Ball waters for the class!
  • 10 oz of Purified Water in every bottle
  • Sugar-Free
  • Great Source of Vitamins B3, B5, B6, and C
  • Naturally flavored (no artificial flavors or colors)
  • 100% Preservative-Free
AquaBall varieties include: 
  • Berry Frost 
    • Features Elsa, Anna and Olaf from Disney's "Frozen"
  • Fruit Punch
    • Features Disney's Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck
  • Grape 
    • Features Marvel "Avengers'" Captain America, Iron Man and Black Panther
  • Strawberry Lemonade
    • Features Disney Princesses Ariel, Belle and Rapunzel
Single Bottle (10 ounces) / $1.00 to $1.19 in grocery stores, $1.29 to $1.49 in convenience stores
6 Pack / $5.49 to $5.79 in grocery

I really thought I would like the Strawberry Lemonade the best, but I was surprised!  Grape has been my go to choice!  Broxtoin is in 2nd grade, so the Avengers and Disney Princess ones would be great options for the kids!
If you are looking for a different thing to give for Easter instead of candy, why not look at making a gift and including some of the Aqua Ball bottles?  


  1. My kids love water, but this is nice to try. It would be great to get a pack for basketball games.

  2. My daughter love the water more than my son. but I want them to realize the value of plain water and how important it is for their health.

    No addition. They can drink juice later :)


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