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A few years ago, we were introduced to the Hess Toy Truck Line.  Since then, we all seem to notice the Hess locations whenever we travel and everyone who sees their toy trucks go on and on about them.  Not only are they fun toys for the kids to play with, they are great to look at and are superior in the quality department.
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From HESS:

For 17 years, Hess released a toy that was an essential part of any Hess toy truck fan’s collection: the mini version of the iconic holiday toy truck. The most recent one was offered for sale in 2014 but, after three years of fans sending a clear message that they want their mini toy truck back, Hess is heeding the call. Not only is Hess bringing back the Mini Hess Toy Truck, but they’re doing it as a special release on an exclusive basis in a way they never have before.
The Mini Collection includes three Miniature Hess Toy Trucks sold in a single display package. Each vehicle included in the set will be a fully detailed, small-scale version of one of the popular holiday Hess Toy Trucks, equipped with working lights and a detachable display base – just like the previous miniature toys.  Hess is keeping secret which three toys these mini trucks are replicating until they go on sale June 1 exclusively at for $26.99 with free shipping and batteries included.
The return of the Mini Hess Toy Truck marks the second new initiative of the year for the Hess Toy Truck program, ahead of the anticipated 2017 holiday toy. Earlier this year, Hess announced that it had created, in partnership with Baylor College of Medicine, a free STEM education curriculum and toy truck learning kit for teachers nationwide. The 500 free STEM kits were made available by online application and demand was so overwhelming that there were over 10,000 applicants in under 48 hours.

Each truck comes with a pull tab on it to activate the batteries that are included in each truck.  (There is an on and off switch on each vehicle.)

Of course, the firetruck was a huge hit for both of my kiddos!  

We all loved the truck with the helicopter as well.  Another thing I like about them?  Each vehicle has a display tray if you want to keep them.  I mean, hello, they are collectibles.  At one point in my life, I would have been like, "No, you can't play with them. They are to be put on display, only!"  The older I get, I have realized what is the point in that?  That would make them just looked at and not fully enjoyed. Yes, I do realize that not many are like me, but that is just the route we are going now! (I am also one of those that doesn't freak out about toys scattered around, I would rather the kids have fun memories of toys and playing than just living in a photo-shoot ready house!)

 I love how the 3 pack of vehicles has an assortment that is sure to make kids (of all ages) excited for this release!  

I also really love how they have the lights that work, even on these minis!   It just seems to make them more fun to play with for everyone.  When someone sees them that isn't familiar with the Hess collection, they are immediately surprised with the features and with the quality!

Are you a Hess Collector?  Are you familiar with the Hess Toy Truck line?


  1. How did I miss this? These are so cute! My boys never got into cars and trucks as much as I hoped they would. They played with Hot Wheels a little, but nothing like my cousins used to. They had cases of them.


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