What would you do if an alligator walked in your dance class?

Another awesome book we have had the pleasure to add to our rotation these days is Dance is for Everyone.  The funny thing about this is that Savannah LOVES to dance and starts moving as soon as she hears music.  ANYWHERE we are!  If we are in the car, she will call your name until you acknowledge that she is dancing there too!  

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In Dance is for Everyone by Andrea Zuill, we see a cute group of kids having fun time at dance class when an alligator shows up!  I mean, seriously, what would you do if an alligator showed up to YOUR DANCE CLASS?  The alligator doesn't speak, nor does it seem to understand them... but that reptile sure can follow along with the dance moves!  

Savannah loved this book as well and was quick to point out the alligator in the pictures just dancing along with the kids!   I thought it was a great story and we loved turning the page to see what was going to happen next.  Oh, remember how they couldn't communicate with the alligator since it didn't speak?  Well, they went ahead and named her Tanya and she seemed okay with that decision!
Read along to see what ends up happening with Tanya and the rest of the dance class! 


  1. That's so cute! Both her dancing and the book.

    I wish dance was less expensive. I would have put Mica in it. He loved to dance at that age as well.


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