Car Seat Trouble

Okay, so B has totally outgrown the car seat...
I bought him a new one and tried to put it in on Thursday.
No luck... Tried again Friday, still can not figure it out..
Saturday, by now I am getting VERY ANNOYED!
Still, can not get it...
I have a friend try to help me, we still can not get it..
Then, I said FORGET THIS!
I went to the Fire Department.
We worked and worked.. NO LUCK!
Oh, Eddie Bauer, you are NOT going to get the best of me!
I had my dad come and try to help me...
We looked totally stupid and nope, DID NOT GET IT IN!
Called my Uncle, he came and we worked on it longer...
I am starting to feel like a Seinfeld Episode with the Soup Nazi, YOU GET NOTHING!
I have 2 more "sources" coming Monday...
Please, please let us get this car seat installed!
You know, if M. was here, it would have been taken care of in a few minutes, but I really do not think that B and I can stay at home for another 5 months or so...
***** Side note, I told M. about it, he said.... I really do not think I could get it in that fast if everyone else is having trouble! LoL, I can still think my hubby is Superman! *****
I am tired of being home bound!
(Not that I need to go anywhere, I am just saying!)
Oh yeah, we also tried looking it up online to see if we could find a video....
I think at this rate, ol' Eddie needs to come and install it for me!


  1. Oh man! I'd say get a new car seat! That is ridiculous!

    (P.S. Let me know what you think and if there is anything you want changed!)

  2. How annoying! I was thinking as I was reading your post that if Marc was home, it would so have been installed in 2 minutes! LOL

  3. I UNDERSTAND!! I went thru the same thing! Jeremy just laughed at me until he tried putting in the car seat I bought, he only tried for a few minutes, unlike me trying for an hour! I was trying to save money and go the cheap one at WalMart NOPE couldn't do it! So I ended up buying a Britax Boulevard, cost was A LOT more but I have been SOO happy with it! FYI and HINT, the best place is in the center of the middle row for when they are still turn backwards. Saftey reasons AND because its the only way I can get ANY seat to fit correctly and allow me and Jeremy to sit comfortable up fron! Below is a website I found this info at, I can't remember what year your Pathfinder is but this should help. Anyhow I LOVE my Britax, its only weighted up to 40lbs, but by then he will be big enough for a booster seat so no worries! It has so much cushion and just looks so comfy!

    I hope this helps!!

  4. I can't believe even the fire department couldn't figure it out! That's crazy!!!!

  5. That's just horrible! I'm amazed that the firemen couldn't put it in the car. I know you wish your hubby was home to put it in.
    You will get it installed soon. Good luck!


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