Classic Prayers for Children - Review

If you are looking to get a timeless Christmas gift this year, let me offer a suggestion.
I was honored enough to review the book, "Classic Prayers for Children"

Let me give you a bit of background on this book first...
I think it makes it even more special once you know the story.

The text in this book was published in 1912, originally titled, "Little Folded Hands"
Laurie Latour found a preserved copy of this book that was a gift to her aunt (her Aunt passed away in 1927 at the age of 3) that she re-published to bring this wonderful book to us today.
Talk about a wonderful piece of history. You can read the full story here.

When Laurie had this reprinted, she added a prayer journal to the back of the book.
When your child is too young to write, you can write the sweet prayers of the child in the book for them, once they are older, they can write it themselves.

Classic Prayers for Children is a beautiful, hardbound book that is filled with sweet prayers.
Also included are pieces of artwork to accompany some of the prayers.
Come to find out, it is all original artwork! Yes! The ONLY thing that has been added was the journal! How amazing is that? They were able to get the pictures scanned and cleaned up so that they could be included!

Here are 2 samples of the prayers found in this book:
( I was granted permission to re-print them for this post)

Morning Prayer:
O Blessed Lord, protect Thou me
And my dear parents graciously;
With Thy strong arm be ever near
To brothers and to sisters dear.

And all our loved ones in the land
Protect them with Thine own right hand;
From sin defend and keep me free,
Help me a Christlike child to be. Amen.

Evening Prayers:
Dear Father in Heaven,
Look down from above;
Bless papa and mamma,
And those whom I love.

May angels guard over
My slumbers, and, when
The morning is breaking,
Awake me. Amen.

Think about it, how much better of a gift can you give?
This is a great gift...
For Christmas, Easter, even for a new birth.

I was really impressed with the artistry included in the book.
The prayers are very simple prayers that can be used by us all, not just those new in their faith.

You can purchase the book here.
Where else can you buy such a great and thoughtful gift for less than $10.00?
I, for one, am very glad that Laurie and her husband prayed about this and made the choice to reprint this for other generations to enjoy as those in the past have.

***** I received a free copy of Classic Prayers for Children for review purposes.*****


  1. What a beautiful book! Thank you for the wonderful gift idea.


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