Do you remember, Who Shot J.R.? Review

I posted before about the release of the Fourteenth Season of Dallas being released to DVD...
Well, I have news for you...
As of April 12th, you can also get the set of Dallas: The Movie Collection.
Now, I had never seen any of these movies, so I was really excited to watch them.

I really enjoyed watching " The Early Years," as it gave me the set up to the series.
Yes, I did watch it as a child, but remember...
It went off in 1991, I was only 12 at that time, so what all do I really remember?!
I loved seeing how it all began, if you will...
But the cast that we all know and love do not come into the movie scene until the second one..
That is where we watch "J.R. returns" and "The War of the Ewings."

My all time favorite on these two discs?
The reunion.
Yep, seeing them all now...
Seeing them reminisce about their days at Southfork.
Most of all, the looking back at the fan voted TOP 10 cliff hangers of Dallas!
Do you know what they were?
Nope, I am not going to tell you!
That would ruin it! :)
Oh, they also had bloopers on the reunion show...
That Patrick Duffy was a jokester!!!
But the best of all, was when he went to lean back in a chair and it totally flipped on him!
Yes, I did laugh out loud on that one!

So, if you loved Dallas, or know a fan of the show, please head on out and buy it today!

***** I received a complimentary copy for review. No other compensation was provided. *****


  1. I received this one to review as well. It is awesome.

  2. That's a trip down memory lane Noelle! I used to love Dallas!!

  3. I never watched any of that show, but I bet I would have loved seeing the bloopers, especially of the women wearing all those fancy clothes they used to wear. TeeHee


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