Monkey Brains Hair Collection - Review

If you have a house with Teens/Tweens in it, chances are...
They are all about style these days!

We had the boys up here for spring break, so I was happy that we also had the chance to review the Monkey Brains Hair Collection during that time!
Granted, it is MALE central here...
But, they do like the spiky hair style from time to time!
Well, the oldest and youngest do...
The middle, not so much, he just likes to go...
We were able to review the Crazy Sticky Hair Gel.
(MSRP of $3.99)
Now, they are not joking with this one!
It is crazy and it sure as anything is sticky.
They also should have added something about it smelling wonderful in the name...
I think that was what I liked the best!
I know if I needed hair gel for anything, the smell of this would draw me to it!
The other that we were able to review was the Grease Monkey Hair Pomade.
(MSRP of $3.99)
It is definitely geared to the Teen/Tween since it is a bright purple!
(As well as the packaging over all for all of the products... FUN and FUNKY!)
The smell was great on this one, but I felt it was not as strong!

I actually grabbed the pomade for myself...
I like being able to put some in my hair at the tips when I am going for the flip out at the bottom.
Nope, I do not do it often, but I do from time to time!
This is going to be great for the final look!

Here are a few pics of the boys with the Monkey Brains Hair Care line in their hair...
I put it on all 4 of them, but with the other 2, the picture did not turn out where you could see it.

Immediately after putting it in their hair, it was styled and ready to go...
No waiting around.
Yes, I even put it in Broxton's hair so I could see how hard it was to wash out...
Not hard at all!
I washed his hair like I normally do and it was clear of all the Pomade we put in there...

FYI, Monkey Brains also makes shampoo and conditioner.
I totally think that any house that has a kid playing sports might want to invest in the Gone Bananas Hair Refresher. (Waterless shampoo)
Think about all the times the team goes out for Pizza or something after the game...
Just a bit of this in your kids hair and you do not have to worry about your kid being the sweaty/stinky one at dinner! :)

You can go to the Monkey Brains website and enter your zip to see where you can purchase the products locally!
You can follow Monkey Brains on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.


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