I am a Guest!!!

When I first started blogging, I did not have very many blogs that I regularly followed.
I think there were 3 main ones that I fell in love with...
and I still love them to this day.

One of the main ones was JDaniel4s Mom.
She has a sweet and often times silly little boy, you guessed it...
Over the course of time, I have learned much from her...
Her posts are great, from all of her regular posts to the ones that tell us about their adventures.
Now, I think we can both agree...
Distance Doesn't matter with our bloggy friends.
It just STINKS the Broxton couldn't have JDaniel for a play date buddy!
Oh the posts and pictures we would have then!!!

Please, head on over to JDaniel4's mom and read my guest post...
I am honored to be a guest blogger over there, but most of all...
I am honored to be her friend!!!


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